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Katie's reading list 2017

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Cut ~ Marc Rabbe

Revival ~ Stephen King

The fire child ~S.K. Treymane 

The time to kill ~ Mason Cross

Perfect remains ~Helen Fields 

Dear Amy ~ Helen callanghan 

The steel kiss ~Jeffery Deaver

Arthur ~ Mikael Lindnord

Harry potter and goblet of fire - J.K Rowling

 Harry Potter and the order of the phoneix ~ J.K. Rowling

The teacher

bazar of bad dreams ~ stephen king 

the killing club ~ paul finch

the two ~ will caver

after you die ~eva dolan 

i let you go clare mackintosh 

I am death chris carter 

the witness kernick 

black eyes susans

the dog who dared to dream

the girl who just appeared

the killing club

the constant queen 

only ever yours

asking for it


Wow that is a lot.



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