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Does anyone know Royce Buckingham?

He wrote the Demonkeeper series, a series about a young boy who has to babysit a house full of rambunctious and annoying demons. I read the first book and it was not bad, but really rather written for kids, not too much adult appeal.

He's quite popular in Germany, but doesn't seem to have found much interest in then english speaking countries.


Now it seems he moved on to more adult oriented fantasy. He's got a book out in german called Karte der Welt (Map of the world), which hasn't even been published in it's original language yet (sadly, since I don't like to read anything translated if I can in any way help it.).

The book sounds very interesing to me. It's about a fantasy kingdom that is bordered on one side by a kind of "fog of war". A boy with drawing talent goes out with a group of adventures to messure and draw a map of the borderlands, and notices that he can pull back the fog with his mapping. Kinda old-school fantasy fare, by the sound of it, but I liked Buckinghams style and would like to see what he can do with it when he writes for an adult audience. I hope he'll get this book published in English soon.

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