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  1. See 'Oscar Letters' thread. Found less expensive Complete editions.

  2. Thanks Anika,

    'Persephone' are publishers .. they reprint neglected classics from the 20th century (mostly by women) ..they do have a website, I think it's called persephone books. I've read about eight of them and they've all been fantastic .. very like Barbara Pym's writing. 'Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day' is a particular favourite.


    Glad you're enjoying it here ... hope you have a Happy Christmas .. Best wishes from Kay

  3. Thanx for the friends request! ~Hope you're feeling better and it's nothing serious.I .like your snowman avatar! Cute!! Everyone is so Christmasy these days, I should probably get in the spirit too.


    Are 'Persephone' books by Nancy Mitford? Or are they a mystery series? Hadn't heard of those before....

    YES , I'm really enjoying this site a lot! Very friendly place!


    Happy Holidays~Anika

  4. Hi Anika,


    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I haven't been too well. I'm glad you like my profile page.

    'Excellent Women' is the first Barbara Pym book that I've read and I enjoyed it immensely .. I love Nancy Mitford also and the Persephone books (such as 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' and 'Marianna'), I think those kind of books are fairly popular here at the moment.


    Thanks for the recommendation of 'the Irish Christmas Feast' .. I love humour in my reading and I love short stories so I'll be looking out for that (Amazon only seems to sell it second hand but that's fine).


    Hope you're settling in well,


    Best wishes from Kay (Poppyshake)

  5. You have reccommendations :D!

  6. Hello~ Thanks for the friend request! I've been away a few days (Thanksgiving holiday) but I've been meaning to check on your poetry thread again! I'm sure I'll be talking to you around other threads too. Take Care--Anika

  7. I'm sure you will enjoy the website Anika.

  8. Okay. I'll take a shot at it. It may take a while. I'm not overly techno-minded, but we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the instructions!

    Bye~ A.

  9. Thanks for the mention in my Victorian mystery thread. You told me about Jackson in a PM, and I hadn't look him up yet, but I was meaning to. From reading a lot of your posts, we seem to have similar tastes. The website sounds great--I'm going there now!!


  10. Thanks, and you're welcome! LOL! If you want to customize your profile, go to the User CP menu, click on Customize Profile, and there you can choose colors, choose a picture for your background (which should already be in your Pics for Profile photo album), and change fonts, etc. Let me know if you have questions, and I'll be sure to check out your new profile! :)

  11. Hi! I did check out the 'Dracula' discussion thread you mentioned. Wasn't sure if I could contribute anything not already said, so didn't posted anything there. Overall, I was dissapointed in that book... Hope all is well with you. Did you have any problems from all the storms I've heard about over there? Hope not.

  12. Hello! You have such a COOL profile page! Maybe you can tell me how you did it...I tried figuring it out on my own, but haven't been able to so far. THANX for the friends request, which I've activated (if that's the right word?) I'm new to forums, so still finding my way. BYE!!

  13. Hello Anika, nice to hear from you and sorry for the delay in replying, I forget to check my visitor messages! I like the sound of Kept so might add this to my TBR list. I'm a real fan of Victorian fiction too. After the Conan-Doyle books, I enjoy Lee Jackson's books with Sarah Tanner as the heroine and want to make a start on the Inspector Pitt ones by Anne Perry.

  14. Just wanted to say hello! New member and also big on Victorian fiction/mysteries. Love the avatar by the way~Jeremy Brett is my favorite Sherlock!


    Have you read 'Kept' by D.J Taylor? Though he's a modern writer, I was amazed how close to real Victorian fiction his wording is. It's one of my favorite books!

    ~Bye, A.

  15. Hi Anika :)


    No it's actually a market square somewhere on the Greek Island Kos. I remember it being a hot day so I enjoyed the cool drink lol. I am a fan of pre-raphaelite art too, ever since I saw The lady of Shalott at the National Gallery in London. It took my breath away!


    Anyway, it's nice to have you here. Speak to you soon!