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  1. Penguin Classic Dracula

    Thanks for clearing that up
  2. After completing "The Heart of Darkness" I was spellbound by its magical prose. This has led me on a mission to reading short novels. It may be fashionable to write verbose books but sometimes the point can be more forceful in fewer words. So I am reading books that have an economy of style but are richer for it The Old Man and the Sea - a good introduction to Hemingway. Not the best novel I have read but very successful in its descriptions. Of Mice and Men - Good overall but I felt that it was disjointed at the crucial scene. Other classics that I have read include 1984 (fascinating in its complexity), Animal Farm (A brilliant allegory), To Kill a Mockingbird (loved the court case), Darkness at Noon (brilliant), Brave New World (underrated and hardly talked about these days whereas 1984 is cliched), The Great Gatsby (depressing), A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (which I can't seem to start for some reason), I would be very grateful if you could recommend any short novels that are worthy of reading and has an emotional impact.