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  1. You have been missing a treat. I hope all is well and hapy with you. It's been a very log time. Happy New Year. http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/10855-from-the-fog-they-came-adventure-story/

  2. I made a classic mistake. Writing what I thought was required rather than writing what makes sense to me, and what I want good scripts to be. I got bored with it. Now I've gone back to my original plan and it feels much better. Thanks Rob

  3. hi lauren


    i'm fine thanks. My attitude to writer's block is the same as that with any problem. If you reach a dead end, say putting something together then best thing is to leave it alone and do something else e.g water the garden, walk the dog etc. I often find the solution comes to you and whatever you couldn't solve solves itself.

  4. Well now I'm really curious about the cure for writers block. Hope you're fine and dandy.

    Coffin Nail. (Lauren)

  5. hi mate


    glad you back. I've been busy onto chapter 10 gulp. Its a so and so lol. Lets hope Poppy writes a bit more, need my Pye :)

  6. I'll restrict myself to book reviews and reading circle from now on - I sense I'm irritating most members