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  1. Hi - if you want to quote what someone else has said, just click on the button in the bottom right hand corner of their post, which says 'Quote'. :)


    If you're still having trouble with the general workings of a forum, you may find the FAQ useful..


  2. I'm from Kirkcaldy originally.

  3. Hi Inver, I'm near Kirkcaldy but not quite there yet. Ahh well maybe one day. Thank you for replying to my messages :)

  4. Lol....yes I know what you mean. It is a bit daunting to start with but it is great fun here. We are a lovley bunch and heaps of books to review and add to you TBR pile, which I warn you now will grow speedily. Where are you in Fife by the way?

  5. Hi Inver, thanks for your wee message. I think i'm stumbling through the forum just now. I keep thinking of the movie " A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum ". I hope you are well!

  6. Thought I would leave you a wee message on here too. Hope you are finding your way around and how to use the board. :D