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  1. You may feel as leery about it as you wish, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I'd rather not be hurt again by other people, thank you. Too often my kindness has been returned by nastiness. I doubt you would like people who treat you that way. Unless you are like them . . .
  2. For the Dutch readers out there

    Hi, I'm from the Netherlands too. I haven't read that book though, sorry.
  3. John Steinbeck

    I have only read East of Eden. It was an epic book. Different from the movie and the series. I ended up liking the book more than both the movie and the series.
  4. Under normal circumstances I don't care if they see what I read. However, I have been accused a few times that I carry certain books just to 'show off' and that I don't really read them. They said that I as someone from a foreign descent couldn't possible read those books. They just refused to believe I enjoy reading that material . . . I was just sitting somewhere by myself reading, no matter if I'm at work or in some public space, people often make these kinds of remarks towards me. So for a long time I began hiding what I read. Now I just read anything, and if they make these nasty remarks, I either ignore them or I start talking about books I have read and ask them what they think of the many theories and authors. A question people who makes these kinds of nasty remarks mostly don't know how to answer. After that they tend to leave me and my books alone. Books are the best company. If I could choose between a book and a human, I'd go for the book any time.
  5. Arundhati Roy. She did write non-fiction in later years, but I'd love to read more of her wonderful poetic fiction. Sue Townsend. No amount of books she published was enough. Still miss her writing. And agreed about Tolkien and Austen.
  6. First Line of Current Book - 2016

    Literary critics used to be no less than art-popes. Rough translation from a booklet by Dutch author and teacher Elsbeth Etty called 'ABC van de literaire kritiek' (ABC of literary criticism).
  7. Yes, reading an e-book at night time is easier. Your arms won't hurt and no fuss with book lamps or book lights, whatever you call them and their batteries.
  8. There are many classic and famous books I still haven't read. Some I never will, they don't interest me and others I've been planning to read for years, but the problem is there are also many many other titles I want to read equally as much.
  9. Favourite Author

    I can't name one author. There are too many I love. At my age (38), of course I've read many books by now. Amongst my favourites are Sue Townsend, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Virginia Woolf, Marcel Proust, Susan Clarke, Elizabeth Kostova and many more. I'm naming the authors who have amazed me and written work I could reread without ever being bored.
  10. First Line of Current Book - 2016

    'I hold Charles Dickens responsible for the death of my father.' Might not be accurate, as I've translated these originally English words from Dutch to English, because I'm reading a Dutch library book of John Boyne, This house is haunted. So far it's an exciting read, though I'm not scared (yet?), just curious to find out what is actually going on there. Of course it faintly echoes The turn of the screw, but it's still a different story and certainly worth reading so far. I've reached chapter 10.
  11. I haven't come across this often, fortunately. I do remember Tolkien writing things like ' . . . he would regret that soon'. But the way he was telling the story, you still wanted to read on and find out exactly how and why.
  12. I read both e-books and physical books. I don't have an e-book reading device though. I read online e-books on my notebook and I have some e-books on my smartphone which I read using adobe. It works fine. It's great to get e-books from the internet, because not all books are available in the Netherlands. And of course it's amazing to have so much reading material without having to carry the weight. However, I still prefer physical books over e-books. My book case is my favourite piece of furniture. I love seeing my book in it. I enjoy the sight of books anywhere. No e-book could ever really replace 'the real thing' for me.
  13. I read it quite a while ago, and mostly remember how I felt after finishing it. Don't remember much of the story lines in it, there were several, the use of language was unlike anything I had read before. It was an amazing experience.
  14. Our former Dutch prime minister was told by former American president he looked like Harry Potter. Not because of behaviour, but because of his looks. Not sure what to think about that.
  15. Yes, same here, need the processing, but that doesn't stop me to start a new book meanwhile. While doing the dishes or before going to sleep or while doing my groceries or riding my bike, I process the book I still need to think about. A few years ago I started a reading journal. In it, I keep a note of everything I read, if a book is special and why, favourite lines from the book, sometimes how I found it too. While writing about it, if needed I analyse it, think about it more and that helps.