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  1. Hey Ned!

    Don't think we've crossed paths before on the forum, but I noticed your Sig and the Mark Lamarr quote is so good! He's brilliant!


  2. Oooh, some sort of Word document with feelings as general or specific as come natural would be perfect :D it would make my relationship with my printer a lot easier too, printing straight from Hotmail confuses the poor dear!


    As we speak the story so far has been bunged (unsure whether that's the right declination of the verb 'to bung'?) your way to that end :D the day before yesterday sounds good to me, I hope it fills the void at the end of your days too - that would be two people made happy!


    I'm intrigued as to what your book's about, by the way... or is it a big secret, perhaps even from yourself, at this stage?



  3. Haha, Consider it read and posted the day before yesterday! Hows that for punctuality?


    But yeah, I spend a lot of time late at night doing nothing so that would be an ideal gap filler that I will enjoy!

    Bung them my way and I will give you some comments etc.

    Would you like a sort of Word document with just some general feelings and that jotted down?




  4. Hello


    Glad to hear you're not hating your novel yet.


    I'm currently in the throes of trying to finish Chapter 4; however Chapter 3 hasn't been sent out to all and sundry yet due to me still needing to finish collecting comments on 1 & 2 - I can resend everything up to Chapter 2 to your new address for your perusal, however:


    I need to know if my readers are committed if I'm to stick to my masterplan (I rather want to have most of the thing in 'sendable to agent' form by the end of the year) so I just want to make sure you think you can promise me unfaltering loyalty even with your own book and uni to be getting on with?


    I really want to get Chapter 3 out in the open as soon as is humanly possible so I'd love to hear your thoughts, but I'd really need them, like, yesterday if that's alright?



  5. Hello!

    How is the novel coming on.

    If you fancy sending me all you have so I can have a read through (as I have been very crappy and not done as I promised) then send it to

    (danieloakshott at gmail.com)

    and I will give you some thoughts.

    I have started writing a novel of sorts. It's my first attempt ever so I don't expect it to be any good but on the plus side, I have read back through a few times, over the course of about a week and don't hate it yet!

    I know what style I want to write it in and stuff so yeah! I am enjoying it so far.

    Hope you are well!


  6. Hello, I still have it, but it's at my parents house who I don't see that often as I now live in London. So I have let her know I am going to just buy a new one and post it to her as I can't promise a date that I am going back home. x

  7. Hi - did you send Life On The Refrigerator door to Joe, or do you still have it?

  8. Ahh, thats really cool! All of your art is well cool :)


    Yeah, I have been moving house, just moved to London, so I have been off the internet for absolutely ages! It's well nice to be back though :)

    Things in general are pretty good thanks. Just loads of working and University. Along with reading, gaming and socializing of course!




  9. Hello! Haven't been talking to you in months!

    I've been great - loads of reading, writing, reviewing, gaming, art....ing. Meeting-Tim-Minchin-ing. :tong:

    Nollaig is my actual name. Roxi is just my favourite name, so it's usually my online alias.

    In response to your comments on my artwork: thank you, and I did all the work on there in Paintshop. (Not the same as Adobe Photoshop, I couldn't even work that.) I do everything from scratch, usually with a base of solid colours, and then layer upon layer of varying lighter and darker shades of varying opacities. Still only learning really.


    Hows all with you? Haven't seen you round the forum in ages til recently. :)



  10. Hello!

    How have you been?

    I barely recognised you with a new name!


    Hope all is well.


  11. Alas one of the reasons I'm having trouble locating an occupation is that I cannot do waiting or bar work (leg problems mean I can't stand up for very long), thanks for the thought though!


    Hoping to see you at the HitchCon 'cos if you don't come down you're a meanie - I mean, what else is going to keep you occupied for a whole day in London for less than

  12. Im just about to shoot off but before I do, I recommend applying for a job at Debenhams restaurant in Westfield if you want something for a bit of money, they definitely want people there. No good if your looking for something career-wise though! :)


    I may try and get down to the 'HitchCon' if I can but can't promise anything. Theres far too much going on in London I want to try and get myself down to!


    Enjoy your evening and I'm sure we will speak soon :)


  13. Talking about catching up and that, you do know there's a Hitchhiker's Convention going on at the Southbank Centre this Sunday? If you become a fan of the centre on Facebook you even get buy one get one three tickets so you could bring the girlfriend too if she's interested :D! I know I'll be there in my PJs and dressing-gown, towel at the ready...


    Glad uni and the flat are so successful; keeping my fingers crossed for your imminent jobhunting - I admire your determination not to stay stuck in a soulless job so, go you for that! I'm at the point where (since I'm done with studying) I can't expect my family to support me anymore so I don't really have a choice, the first soulless job I get offered will be the first soulless job I take... wah :cry2:.


    As for the novel, well... it's always here ;)!

  14. Ah, I'd love to have a read of your novel whenever I get a chance!

    The move went much better than I could have hoped, despite the letting agents being... well, stereotypical letting agents I guess!

    Uni is going really well and I am enjoying the course so far!


    Catch up at some point would be great and the flat we managed to get is in shepherds bush so I am really close to the center of London!


    And I understand how hell job hunting is, I have a job I despise and am at the point where I feel really down when I know I have to go in so I am probably going to leave this side of the weekend. I spent all day yesterday forcing CV's on people and basically begging for jobs. Hopefully some good will come of it!




  15. Hey :)


    I have been... interesting, let's put it that way. Am still alive though, and slumming it on Jobseeker's excuse for an Allowance while I peruse the grim world of work - fun times. What about you, are you enjoying university and that? Was the move a relatively un-traumatic experience?


    I was rather wondering what had happened to you you know! While you were away I decided to get serious about getting this book written so you may notice a lovely thread I employed to raise a focus group I could send a chapter or two to every month - I wanted you in on this (in fact, your helpfulness and eagerness re: my prologue were amongst the things that inspired the whole idea) but you weren't there :cry2:!


    Nice to have you back and - if you're ever in Real London :tong: we should catch up.