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  1. Happy Birthday joe! xo

  2. Posted book off today joe...so watch you letterbox next week....8)

  3. Hi joe....just drawn the names out the hat for the Ian Rankin book and your name came out, could you send me a PM with your address so I can post it off. Thanks for playing.

  4. is having a good week this week

    1. Chrissy


      That is always good to hear! X

  5. Just to say I love your avatar piccie.

  6. Hello, yes it is Eddie Vedder :)

  7. Hello joe, I was wondering about your avatar and the man in it. Could it be Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder? Or am I completely off? :D

  8. Watch your letter box...book on its way to you today.

  9. Joe..I am nearing the end of 'The Memory Garden'.Could you send me a PM with your address so I can send it on..hopefully soon.

  10. has finished The Passage

    1. joe


      is enjoying The House of Night series

  11. Just saying Hi

  12. Hi, good thanks, the boys are well, enjoying the sunshine, hope all is well with you x

  13. Woo hoo! :woohoo:


    How're things? x

  14. Belated birthday wishes for yesterday! :)

  15. Happy birthday. :D