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  1. Awww (mit sound effect, you actually made me awww out loud with that comment :friends0:)! I'm incredibly flattered you thought that, not just because it means you're enjoying it, but because it also means that the blasted thing reads polished enough to trick the mind into thinking it is a finished product. Wahey for that :D!


    I'm sorry Chapter Three isn't in your voracious hands yet... I am in fact itching to send it to the speediest minions such as yourself, however I'm not sure if having done that I'd be able to keep track of who's read what :roll:! I'm simple like that. Which is a shame, as I honestly reckon Chapter Three is one of my finest compositions (oh, the modesty). Still - you may nag me if you wish. I might just cave in ;).

  2. Tee hee hee - bless you, you poor tricked (& damned, if in a royal way of course...) soul! x

  3. I shall do my utmost best not to disappoint the faith of my beloved readership :friends0: x

  4. Just to say I've only now noticed the 'here, there and neverwhere' and thoroughly approve of the reference - s, both of them ;)!

  5. Hello :blush:


    Writing hasn't actually happened so far (see the book activity thread... and that was just my morning; I might be silly but things like this vex me enough to rob me of my zest when it's already running low), I might give it a crack after dinner if no film is planned with OH.


    Incidentally, I do know you're right. If you weren't, I wouldn't have opened Word yesterday and I wouldn't have added 1k of writing to Chapter Four through "mere" editing (only I can edit a piece into one longer than itself... :roll:).


    I now just need to find enough inner peace for long enough to take the jump into the great unknown of the as yet unwritten... things might be slow, painful, maybe a bit awkward at first, but they will happen and I will polish them - with a little help from my friends :friends0: - and all will, eventually, be good.


    Thanks for your support through the highs and lows, it means a lot to me.


    x Giulia

  6. Thanks for the hugs hun :friends0: it still affects me as I have no doubt it does everyone who's had it happen to them - pretty much every issue I have today stems from those 16 years of cruelty (from day 1 of kindergarten right up to the last day of high school).


    Still, I do know that what you say is true; the people who tormented me didn't come from happy balanced homes like mine was, I know that. It just seems like a bit of an expensive price to pay for a caring family, is all.


    As you may have noticed however, I have not lost the tender heart :) that's one of the few things they couldn't strip from me. I don't just smile at people I think I need it, I run at them and hug them (starting from the famed Liverpool goths). It's good for the huggee, but it's also good for the hugger :friends0: you take care.

  7. I don't like cops and crime novels either, so it's safe to say that if I'm enjoying Koontz' Frankenstein that's not what it is :).

  8. But of course :D re: Koontz, Frankenstein 1 is getting stupidly good. That makes me happy - I specifically chose the Frankenstein series to try Koontz out as the original Frankenstein is one of my favourite books of all time and I am, as you know, deeply fascinated by modern reworkings / sequels etc. I wasn't impressed by the cops-talking-tough beginning, but if it keeps getting better at this rate I'll be glad to have persevered!

  9. Oh dear, your cheezing does not sound very pleasurable at all. I suggest you try the alternative type of cheezing, which involves stuffing your face with cheesy wotsits. Granted, they might not be the most nasally congenial things but man, they taste divine...


    I hope you found enough energy within to crawl towards that cuppa, and that it branched its warming effusions from the cockles of your heart to the curling tip of your toes.


    x night night

  10. ... we'll have to stretch them out between events and let them suffice, then!

  11. ... that's it, we're both tearful now. Your words fill me with hope, God knows I need it, and tease a smile from my weary muscles - thank you for being the one and only Genevieve.

  12. You come at a time when hugs a needed - yet I still fly, if low and slowly, thanks to the loveliness of people who will not allow me to give up on my broken wing. As someone who shares that lovely quality of spirit, which includes (but is not restriced to) putting others before yourself and always knowing how to inspire, comfort and soothe them, you have been missed, and are very dearly welcome back. I hope you're back to stay, and that I may before long read more of your words of wisdom. Have many hugs in return for the ones you so thoughfully sent to me; I hope they find you also entranced by the joys of flight.

  13. It's quite alright; anyone spouting off allitterations and launching Shakespearean wit contests as if they were a thousand ships is my friend ;)!

  14. I am hanging on in here, by a thread but I'm hanging.


    I do like my ranting and raving so I suppose you needn't worry too much until I stop doing that much - should I ever lose the words to tell you that I've lost my words, you have my permission to panic.


    I do know that hanging or no, you're here for me in all your supportive loveliness and, for that BookJumper the Mighty Mistress of Allitterative Awesomeness ;) thanks you.


    How's you :friends0:?

  15. Your niceness earned it :D:friends0:!

  16. Alas one of the reasons I'm having trouble locating an occupation is that I cannot do waiting or bar work (leg problems mean I can't stand up for very long), thanks for the thought though!


    Hoping to see you at the HitchCon 'cos if you don't come down you're a meanie - I mean, what else is going to keep you occupied for a whole day in London for less than

  17. Talking about catching up and that, you do know there's a Hitchhiker's Convention going on at the Southbank Centre this Sunday? If you become a fan of the centre on Facebook you even get buy one get one three tickets so you could bring the girlfriend too if she's interested :D! I know I'll be there in my PJs and dressing-gown, towel at the ready...


    Glad uni and the flat are so successful; keeping my fingers crossed for your imminent jobhunting - I admire your determination not to stay stuck in a soulless job so, go you for that! I'm at the point where (since I'm done with studying) I can't expect my family to support me anymore so I don't really have a choice, the first soulless job I get offered will be the first soulless job I take... wah :cry2:.


    As for the novel, well... it's always here ;)!

  18. Hey :)


    I have been... interesting, let's put it that way. Am still alive though, and slumming it on Jobseeker's excuse for an Allowance while I peruse the grim world of work - fun times. What about you, are you enjoying university and that? Was the move a relatively un-traumatic experience?


    I was rather wondering what had happened to you you know! While you were away I decided to get serious about getting this book written so you may notice a lovely thread I employed to raise a focus group I could send a chapter or two to every month - I wanted you in on this (in fact, your helpfulness and eagerness re: my prologue were amongst the things that inspired the whole idea) but you weren't there :cry2:!


    Nice to have you back and - if you're ever in Real London :tong: we should catch up.

  19. My, you do sound eager :D! Tell you what:


    As the minions I already have are growing impatient, I can't ask them to wait longer than they already are for chapter one; HOWEVER, if you really are a fast reader and pinky promise to read and comment on the prologue before chapter one is due out (September 23rd), you're on.


    If that's acceptable, please do PM me your email address and I'll email you the prologue asap.


    Dare I say, welcome aboard?

  20. In actual fact, the dreaded d-word, finances and a fair bit of personal angst are keeping me quite stressed at the moment :roll: I've had the most wondrous day so far full of spilled drinks and roads crossed for no reason. However, I hope that once d-day aka Monday is over things will start to look up at least a tiny bit. Mind you, once the stupid thing is in I can start worrying about what my markers will make of it...


    On the plus side I've got this wonderful project to look forward to, it's called "writing a novel under pressure", have you heard about it :lol:? Joking aside, the responses I've had so far have been extremely comforting AND helpful, proving that you don't need to knock someone to improve their writing :D.


    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on chapter 1, too - it'll be sent out as soon as everyone gets back to me on the prologue; the promised month's nearly elapsed so i'll start nagging post d-day :D!


    Hope you're fine and dandy :friends0:


  21. Hello :friends0:


    ... crawls back to the dreaded dissertation :cry2::cry2::cry2:.

  22. I'm alright, thanks you :) just moved house, still fighting the eternal fight with my dissertation &t al. but apart from that, all seems to be fine-ish.


    So glad to have you aboard on this project, can't wait to hear what you think. I must admit I'm a bit *meep* now, I mean what if everyone hates it? It's oh so exciting, though. In a scary way... :P! I so hope you like it, your opinion means a lot you know.


    xx hope you're doing dandy also

  23. Your interest has been registered, with gratitude I may add :D! I am not about to turn away people just because they haven't been here very long, that wouldn't be very nice now would it? I don't intend to deny you a read you might enjoy anymore than I intend to deny myself a potentially loyal reader, so I'll be taking you up on that registered interest of yours. I must say, being a Blackadder II fan also helped your cause... ;)!

  24. Me/us live in Islington, in actual London :tong:! Just had to move house due to random rent increase (took us all of two days, last night was spent re-filling the shelf valiantly carried by OH) but we managed to find a house literally 500 yards from the previous one so it wasn't that bad!


    Good luck with your house offer, I hope you get it, and I sympathise re: debt, I'm currently around

  25. Life's treating me tolerably I suppose, a house for me and OH was found in the nick of time, it is hardly ideal but it will do at least until the dissertation is handed in mid-Septemberish after which I can actually dedicate my heart, body and soul to the discovery of a place that is. At the moment I just need a roof over my head as I struggle with the monumental (but self-imposed, so I musn't grumble) task of translating Shakespeare.


    Hope your & girlfriend's flathunting is successful, best of luck with the move :) very soon you'll actually be able to physically throw things at me if I'm a bad writer, leaving my readers hanging :P x