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  1. Firstly, let me rejoice re: your lack of AWOLness *rejoices* secondly, you're being too kind because you're my good friend, number one fan and trusty editor XD some the ideas are salvageable (a friend of mine thought the conceit behind 'Thirsty' was awesome and warranted me re-starting it as the novel to follow the current one), but oh, do I smile at my style - say - ten years ago... bless my little cotton socks.


    Many hugs and sparkles, but not vampiric ones xxxxxx


    P.s. I hope you're happy now, Gerald is now pestering me to persuade me to hand over the name of his secret admirer...!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation :) would you say it's a good intro to Mieville's work as a whole, then?

  3. Always happy to help that infectious smile of yours back on its feet :friends0:

  4. You are not a spaz, I tend to get exactly the same, it's easily easier to get on with friends OR strangers than a mixture of both - don't be hard on yourself, I'm sure your friend, being a friend, will understand and forgive :).


    I'm alright, about to chill to DragonBall Z followed by Daybreakers with the biggest Pizza Hut order ever (I blame the 50% off voucher:lurker:) supposedly due in 8 minutes so I shall be more expansive later on/in the morrow if that's allowed.


    I've pencilled you in my pink diary with skulls on it for the 25th :D although surely you don't mean to suggest that coffee and cake are mutually exclusive :cry2:?



  5. ... I did in fact not receive your new email addy, could you please PM me it? And re: chapters and ramblings, don't tempt me - though no one is near that far ahead, there is such a thing as C5 and it is feeling very lonely and unregarded, let me tell you. Which is a shame because I think it's one the best things I've ever written. Not to mention that it might just solve C2's Nagarita/Florin cliffhanger... ;)!


    Ahem. As I was saying: your new address, please :D! :friends0::friends0::friends0:

  6. But of course I will visit my writey thread whilst here, what amateur do you take me for :D? Thanking you muchly for the tuppence, I shall examinate them now (may I just say with regards to your vote that given your penchant for a certain writer we all know, I am not in the least surprised ;):friends0:?)...


    Lots of love and sparkly things of sparkliness xxxxxx

  7. Nitey nite :friends0::friends0::friends0: I hope that as I am writing this you are busy being visited by the force of productiveness :D:friends0:!

  8. Hello :friends0:


    Awww, your protectiveness makes me go all fuzzy inside :blush: I've loved all the Gaimans I've read so far so I must admit that I am disinclined to re-home my copy of American Gods; however I shall keep bumping it down the TBR until such a time arrives when such things no longer bother me - I have so many books waiting to be read/bought that that shouldn't be particularly hard :lol:!


    [Quick preview of my prospective email: yay for productiveness :D well done!]


    ... the ECS/kiss symbol is the one that has decided to be stuck today so (((((((((hugs)))))))))

  9. *notices that in her technophobia, she has postes her reply on her own profile* you have mail, my dear xxx

  10. ... you're back!!! *bestows hugs* where have you been, I've missed you and so has Gerald! I hope all's fantabidosi with you and that the things you have been busy with were things of awesomeness :):friends0: Much love xxxxxx

  11. Hello my faithful Minion Nicola :friends0:


    I'm alright thank you, I've just finished pigging out on Pringles and dip 'cos there's nothing sensible in the house for brekky :lol: and how are you this (not so) fine day?


    Congrats re: your dissertation:alc:, and no worries - I know just how lifeswallowing one of those can be, I was editing mine at 2.30pm on submission day, priting it at 3, getting it bound at 3.25 [printer to his assistant: 'have you ever done comb binding before?' 'no' 'ah, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn, you take this customer'] before handing it it at 4.51 with 9 minutes to spare... *meep*!


    Yay for thoughts :D I can't wait to read them! I've had a couple of intense weeks going on so I haven't been productive in ages, commentage seems to always inspire me though so who knows, you might provide the spark to get me going again - but no pressure ;)!



  12. I just thought I'd confirm that I'm not a ghost, zombie, T800 or evil doppelganger - it is really me, I am back... not to mention so sorry for making you worry so :blush: please do forgive my spazness:lurker:?


    Hope you're fed-upness has eased off a bit and you feel a bit chirpier now :):friends0:.


    xx Giu

  13. My-dear-friend-who-has-no-respect-for-the-expressive-depth-of-chairs *wagglewaggle*, I for one look forward to boring myself senseless with your journal-type-thing.


    ... you can't offer cake to a girl who's on a diet (she had a fry-up yesterday, but that's besides the point:lurker:) - you fiend!


    Today was my second day of volunteering at OxfamBooks, no pennies but it's something to keep the brain occupied and it gives me bookselling experience to plead my case better the next time W's and F's have any suitable vacancies going :) going back tomorrow afternoon, hopefully the till won't beep at me as much!



  14. Aw, sweetheart - I wouldn't have you weeping for my sake. I am indeed a lot better now, and words as beautiful as you always seem to be able to pick out from the sea of language make my smile even wider. Never stop being as amazing as you are :) I hope that you too are well, and as happy as you deserve to be.

  15. I have no idea whatsoever how one spells 'chopsed', so I think it's probably best to leave it at 'conversed' and say no more about it :lol:!


    I'm alright, or at least better than you last found me, so there :) still jobless and impoverished, but marginally more positive than I was so thats gotta be good. How about you my friend, how are you doing?


    You've been missed too you know :friends0: x

  16. Why hello :D don't be shy, everybody's really lovely I promise!

  17. Mmmm, bolognese... you sound better at it than I am, you actually follow the idea that the longer it cooks the nicer it is - when I'm home, my Mum will only agree to make it on a Sunday 'cos on any other day she wouldn't have the time to cook it. Me, I never have time (or patience) so it'll simmer for half an hour if it's lucky...!


    I understand your conflictedness. Sending you lots of thoughts and vibey things for tonight, I hope dinner with the bridge-builder and the biscuit is pleasant and pain-free.


    I'm alright, better than when you last heard from me at any rate so that must be good, surely. Amen to coffee :) you know where to find me if you want one! x

  18. I'm on the run at the moment but you shall be PM'med tonight/tomorrowish with all the depressing details if you wish to be so bored, in fact I could probably use the manly perspective.


    x you take care - softness is good, doormatness is not so good...!

  19. Hello :) yay for time off work to do nice relaxing things, you enjoy that 'cos you deserve it.


    Me, I'm currently on the rocks recovering (barely) from recent emotional upset but at least my writing mojo seems to have put in an appearance yesterday... let us just hope it lasts eh?



  20. Thanks for being my friend :) x

  21. Oooh, some sort of Word document with feelings as general or specific as come natural would be perfect :D it would make my relationship with my printer a lot easier too, printing straight from Hotmail confuses the poor dear!


    As we speak the story so far has been bunged (unsure whether that's the right declination of the verb 'to bung'?) your way to that end :D the day before yesterday sounds good to me, I hope it fills the void at the end of your days too - that would be two people made happy!


    I'm intrigued as to what your book's about, by the way... or is it a big secret, perhaps even from yourself, at this stage?



  22. Hello


    Glad to hear you're not hating your novel yet.


    I'm currently in the throes of trying to finish Chapter 4; however Chapter 3 hasn't been sent out to all and sundry yet due to me still needing to finish collecting comments on 1 & 2 - I can resend everything up to Chapter 2 to your new address for your perusal, however:


    I need to know if my readers are committed if I'm to stick to my masterplan (I rather want to have most of the thing in 'sendable to agent' form by the end of the year) so I just want to make sure you think you can promise me unfaltering loyalty even with your own book and uni to be getting on with?


    I really want to get Chapter 3 out in the open as soon as is humanly possible so I'd love to hear your thoughts, but I'd really need them, like, yesterday if that's alright?



  23. Sending you lots of vibes for the move - so glad you're feeling more positive about it now - and apologies for not being my usual ubiquitous self of late, I've come down with the Evil Flu of Doom so anything other than short and snappy posts is beyond me atm...! How are you :friends0:?

  24. Why thank you :) am a bit dead to the world at the minute (life's gearing up from intense to very intense right now) but I promise I'll be back for good soon xxx hope you're doing as fantabulous as you are.

  25. Glad I could be of comfort :) you know where I am if you need me :friends0:.


    xx Giulia