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  1. Hey stranger, :006: just popped on to say hi, it seems we keep missing each other ! ( or ur avoiding me !!!) :lol: I don't come on here much now, I log in to see if anyone has bothered to write anything about books !!!(and clear all the drivel that some of these self obsessed people write !) :Tantrum::banghead::banghead: I thought this was a BOOK forum !!!! But many just want to clog up the threads with inane waffle about how tough their lives are !! While the rest pretend they care !! (hmm... hugs to all !!! LOL ) Hope u, D & the kids are ok. Hopefully catch up soon. Bye for now. :friends3:

  2. Hellooooo, i'm feeling just fine now m8, thanx for asking. It completely went by boxing day !!! I managed to eat my xmas dinner & drink two bottles of wine, a couple of lagers & a few Baileys xmas night !!!!Maybe I've found a cure for a sore, swollen throat ! (huge dinner & large quantities of booze !) Howz ur xmas been ?? Sort out that msn & we can catch up on the gossip soon !

    If I don't speak to u b4, Happy New Year, have a good one ! We will raise a glass to u & urs. :006: Hi 2 D & the kids


  3. :xmassign: right back at cha m8 !! Don't get too drunk, I think everyone is fed up with seeing your knickers !!!!! :lol: I'm feeling like s**t at the mo ! Feels like I'v swallowed a golf ball :motz: I'm still not willing to try Vince's cure tho !!! :no: Have a great day & I hope santa brings everything u wish for. :friends3: Love 2 D & the kids XX
  4. Hey back to u Paula, :D I'm ok, can't wait for christmas to be over !! I know Bah Humbug !!! :lol: Hope u r well & taking care of yourself.:)

  5. Hi Diane, keep smiling through your tears. Look after yourself !! :console:

  6. Hey Mrs, have u been hiding ?? :hide: Not seen u around much. Too busy now ur back behind the wheel, eh !!! :drive1: Hope u & ur lot r ok.

  7. Oh don't feel sorry for my kids, they don't care about the tree or even christmas dinner, all they are interested in are the presents !! Usually very expensive presents too !! 10 mins after opening them they think christmas is over !!

  8. I hate hate hate christmas, i only celebrate it for the sake of my kids. But they are 14,16 & 18 now so there will be no tree this year, and only a few presents. when they are older I won't celebrate it at all.

  9. Hi Sue, I'm from Erith, so I'm more Greater London than deep in Kent. Hope you are enjoying the forum.:D

  10. I bet you're finding muscles you never knew you had !!lol :lol: It's good you are relaxing more too. Are you getting into meditation as well ? That's a great way to grab a little time for yourself. Robbie might enjoy some meditation too. It helped my son improve his concentration. I also feel closer to my mum within those silent moments. :)

  11. Hi Nici, Hows the yoga classes going ? :)

  12. Hi Paula, hope you're well. :D

  13. Hi, MORE book buying !!!!! this xmas prezzie thing is just an excuse !!! lol Hope that you've hidden them well from Dave ! :D

  14. I love it. Ho Ho Ho !! :lol:

  15. Erith ,but the posh people call it Northumberland Heath !!, do you know it ? Are you going to add an avatar now ?