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  1. Frankie reads 2014

    Holy Smokes! You've done some serious redecorating since last I was here! Bravo!
  2. Wordsgood's 2012 Reads, Thoughts and other Drivel!

    Oh hey, look at that, I made a couple smilies work the old fashioned way!
  3. Wordsgood's 2012 Reads, Thoughts and other Drivel!

    Hi everyone. Yes, the chick that keeps going MIA for months at a time is back again. Life updates: Let's see... Well, I'm typing this on a smartphone that won't give me access to anything other than plain old text. Not even bold or colour. And no smilies! Using this little gadget because it's easier on my eyes than the 'puter. Hubby is working again. YAY! The downside is the usual - if shop is slow, he loses time. BUT the upside is he is one of two staffers and the other runs the office! Best of all, he's been there four months so far and it appears the new boss actually meant what he said during the interview...he's been really great about working around my medical appointments. Seems to actually understand that you go when the specialists tell you to, not when it's convenient for the boss. (Which is huge given that my vision keeps going wonky without warning. Makes driving just a tad challenging...plus other people on the road get testy when you can't see where you're going. Picky people!) Hmm, what else? Ooh, very exciting news... In March, our dear grand little lady, Sheera, had what appeared to be two seizures or strokes. They scared the stuffing out of me and I thought for sure the end had come. Off we went to the vet, and to our utter amazement she came home again. The vet gave her a thorough exam and ran some blood & urine tests, which my dear kitty passed with flying colours! Yes, she is still scrawny and yes, her kidney disease has progessed, but other than that, she's still going strong! She was put on some new supplements to encourage her appetite and her diet restrictions were relaxed as the focus is now more on getting her to eat, than what she's eating. The vet was frankly stunned at how well Sheera is doing and said she had rarely seen a cat look, act and respond as good as Sheera. And guess what???? Sheera turned 20 years old on Mother's Day. TWENTY!!! Of course she recieved a bag full of Birthday loot. (Younger brother has tried several times to make off with her plush catnip mousie. Brat.) As for those two episodes in March? They could have been mini strokes, but there's no way to tell and there is no apparent after effects. So I am a very happy camper! Keiko (dog) turn 13 on June 1st. She is completely grey in the muzzle now, a bit more senile than when last I checked in here, but is happy and doing very well too! (Shhh, don't tell, but I hear she's getting a new bed and a new stuffie for her B-Day. But it's a secret. And then we have the fat, bratty, Aries cat. (The aforementioned mousie thief.) He is, happily, doing very nicely as well. He did have a strange problem just a few days after Sheera's emergency vet trip. He tried to morph into a lizard. Lemme 'splain. He walked up to stare at me one one fine morning, just a few inches from my face. I had noticed the night before that his right eye was a little weepy, but no biggie. It was clear with now sign tenderness. Probably just a hair or something irritated it. No surprise given his plucking routine. But as I reached for a tissue the next morning, I notice the eyeball itself looks distinctly lizard like. Blood h***, what now. So one call to the vet later, I'm advised about what to watch for and told it's nothing likely serious. But within 24 hours I'm freaking out so back to the vet we go. Apparently when a cat's third inner eyelid comes like that to cover a large area of the eye, it's called Horner's Syndrome and is *almost always* in response to injury or illness. Neither of which could we or the good doctor find any evidence of. Another first in her book. Sigh. Two days later he seems to be experiencing a bit of discomfort or pain, but it seems dependent on the audience factor. Still, we can't take any chances. So despite Aries have a long history for being a bit of a drama queen, the vet prescribes some non-steroidal drops that will help if there is any real pain, but do nothing harmful if there isn't. One week later lizard boy returned to full feline status and we still have no clue what happened. Personally, I have a horrible suspicion he willed it on himself. Out of sheer jealousy! As usual, I've babbled on about my furbabies. Sorry. But hey, at least you know it's really me! Books...right, the purpose of this forum. The only one coming to mind at the moment is Arguably, by Christopher Hitchens. It's one I've had for a couple years and am currently re-reading. He is (or rather was, being now deceased), paws down, my favourite atheist writer. That man could debate his way out of anything! And now, I'm getting sleepy. Now that I've popped in and word puked everywhere, I'll slink quietly away for the night. But I will come back and catch-up. Soon. I promise! (See, this is what happens when you let insomniacs join your club...)
  4. Replying to someone's status post while trolling throught the threads, it occurs to me that I should probably post on of my own to say Hello to Everybody! Sorry for not even checking in sooner, but you know how it is. "Real" life just keeps getting in the way of online life! :) Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather change, whatever that may be now that it's fall. (Your summer is my winter kind of thing.) Off to play now.

  5. Hi everyone! Sorry to have been negligent. Crazy few months. Trying to figure out who spends more time a doctors lately, me or dog? :-) Ooooh, she finally had her surgery a few weeks ago. Will put more in pets thread. Hope everyone is well. :-)

    1. Chrissy


      Good to 'see' you WG. : )

  6. Nothing of worth to say. Just discovered this function and felt the need to post something in it. I've been wondering where "Status Updates" have been coming for a while now.

    1. wordsgood


      Coming "from" I meant. Geez, first post in this section and I screw it up!

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      Knew what you meant! lol. Congratulations on your 1st Status Update. ; )

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      Consider your status updated :)

  7. Hey! How are you? Thanks so much for the friend request! :) I know! I don't understand it either, like I said in the thread, I'm sure everyone can find something. It's not as if all books are about the same thing!

  8. Hi Emily. Thought I would be the first to send you a friend request! Your comment on the "Reading is a Waste of Time" thread reminds me so much of myself at your age! Still can't figure out why so many people have such an aversion to reading.

  9. Hi - thanks for the welcome ! I'm really enjoying the forum - but it could keep me from my reading !!

  10. Hi. Saw your post to Charm, and yes, you need a minimum of 10 posts before you can send private messages. Cheers.

  11. Hi WG, call me Ann by all means. Thanks for your greeting and I hope you are doing ok. I am still recovering from the first cold I have had in about 3 years. It just wont leave me. I am over the worst, but still have to keep blowing my nose and clearing my throat.:motz:

  12. No problem, you can vent at me anytime, good to get it off your chest. Night- night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite !! lol

  13. Argghhh, really am far too tired. Now I'm mixing up profiles and pet names! Still, I just popped over to Charm's profile and still can't see a photo album. Aww, I give up for now. Time to log off and try once again to get some Z's...damn alarm is going off again in a few hours, then it's back to being everyone's nurse and errand girl! (Worst part is I have no human children, but sometimes family members make me forget that by acting as though I am their mother.....argh, getting very cranky so will say goodnight for now! Sorry for my mini-vent on your profile.)

  14. Hi wordsgood, Charm has put a couple of photos of her pooch on already. I'm still trying to work out how to get my pics on !! :)

  15. Hi Supergran/Ann...which do you prefer by the way? Anyways, just popping in to say howdy!