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  1. D'oh - I did Facebook this morning but forgot to say it here... Happy Birthday, Stephanie. x

  2. You're very welcome! Glad you liked it, Merry Christmas! xo

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the card! It's really pretty and was a bit of a suprise I might add :P Hope you have a fantastic christmas Esther! xx

  4. Thank you lovely :) I'm great thanks, bit tired and stressed with uni work but what else is new lol. How about you? How are your gorgeous cats. I run out of time to log on here so I feel like it's ages since I spoke to you :) Hows xmas prep going?


  5. Hi Stephanie, how are you? Love your avatar! :) x

  6. hi lovely :) I'm ok thanks how about you? How was your birthday? Uni is stressing me out, this year is really busy! how about yourself? and now the snows getting in they way and I haven't started xmas shopping yet so things are a bit hectic. hope ya well! xxx

  7. Stephanie!!!

    How's you? Been up to much? How's uni going?

    Hope you're grand xx

  8. Morning, I am loving the forum, everyone seems so friendly here.

  9. Hi :) Thanks for adding me as a friend. How are you? How are you finding the forum?

  10. Oh I remember being lie that. A panic in getting everything ready again. Haha.

  11. I'm sure it'll turn around. Newcastle aren't much better. Started with so much promise. Oh well. I don't understand why clubs don't put money into strikers. The most vital part along with goalkeeper. No plans this week, was back at uni on Mon and this Fri so trying to read up and learn things again lol. Not good when had whole summer to forget. How about you?

  12. Uprising is a great song. My son loves that tune too. Plymouth are a pile of **** at the moment. We started so well and now we just can't get goals in, which is the annoying thing because Reid bought everything but strikers we needed strikers last year too. I think we will stay up but just by the scruff of our necks.

    I'm ok thanks mate. Any plans for the week?

  13. Hello my lovely :) Yeah I love Muse :) Some fantastic songs particularly Uprising (which is the sig) How are you? I noticed that Plymouth seem to be struggling bit this year, have you been to many matches? Hope you're well :) x

  14. Hey hey!!!

    How are you mate? Just read your signature. I never knew you like Muse! I presume that where you got your top sig from?! I love Muse!

  15. A bit late, but thanks for my birthday wishes