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  1. It still is up as far as I am aware? Just it usually is empty

  2. Would not have missed the new forum for the world. Congrats on the move! :)

  3. beef

    Damn right, I am just finalizing the bullet points for my report to the government.

  4. beef

    I'm watching you!

  5. beef

    not too bad not too bad, yourself? Just been working and reading. Thinking of taking up collecting bank notes. hope things are good in essex land :D

  6. beef

    cold!As for youth, I dunno, Im starting to feel old, soon I will be using the phrase "back in my day..." several times an hour.

  7. beef

    hey you, how are things? been ages since I chatted with you (sorry!) Hope your new year is going well.

  8. beef

    do not try to distract me, I want my custard back and that is the last that shall be said about it.

  9. beef

    that is a LIE.

  10. beef

    Hello! :) How are you this fine..well..sort of fine Sunday morning? I head off to work in an hour :(

  11. beef

    ah right, routeone can be a bit pricey, have you tried the mighty ebay ? specially if he is gonna build it himself anyway.

  12. beef

    Pretty much gave up on twitter tbh. What kind of board is he after?

  13. beef

    I just don't know if I can forgive, I was heartbroken...in a sort of non heart broken way. Things are ok, I have purchased a nano fish tank for my bedroom so I can have some corals/fish to look at while I try to sleep. Will be a few weeks before its all up and running though. Hows things with you hon?

  14. beef

    I am indeed a big squidgy lump of man, I set it when I was in a goofy mood, aiming to cause widespread confusion and hopefully even possibly a raising of the national terror alert colour, but so far no one really seemed to have cared.



  15. hey, I am the op because I am too lazy to remove it from my auto-join. the room is sadly rarely used, you can connect to it with your own client using irc.vision-irc.net if you would like, but as I say, it is rarely used, but there are other active channels on the network.

  16. Hey

    I have to admit I have not even finished the book, and would say between 50-70% is nothing to do with pirates at all, most of the book is just about being gay/having gay sex was more accepted in the past than we have been led to believe, it was a bit disappointing if I am honest I struggled to read more than a few pages in one sitting.

  17. beef

    indeed, been relaxing and carrying out some moderator duties on another site I help run, had the weekend off to be my friends best man :)

  18. beef

    All day at work, so im only alright instead of well, but consider the pips pipped. How is your day?

  19. beef

    im feeling very..clammy, I have just been in bed most of the day listening to Harry Potter audio books.

  20. beef

    fear not, that's a drop in the ocean of my madness, strap thyself in!

  21. beef

    *wave* you love my abuse really, I should be charging! working 11-10 today >_

  22. just follow the line of others (usually headed by Nici ;-) )

  23. I am good Lil's, just been at work, then tomorrow and sunday then off, epic. How are you? :)

  24. beef

    yesums! thanks Nici I am. Although, I am seriously considering throwing Crime and punishment for something else. how are you? :D

  25. not me who made it, it is i belueve it is part of an open source image set (making it free for everyone :) )