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  1. I love that people are so passionate about books on this site!


    Due to my health, I can't always get to the library - for the same reason, I wouldn't be able to get to the post office, which is why I don't use bookrings or swap sites. Plus, my budget is so low that even postage is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!


    I've started re-reading things from my bookcase, and doing some online family tree research to occupy my mind. I've found that I have lots of Irish ancestry, so may read about Irish history online...

  2. Has anyone read any of these titles?


    I know I'm generalising, as I've only read two of these books (by the same author), but I hated them.


    I thought that they were badly written, repetitive, boring and predictable. I don't like to be negative about books, as I know how it feels for someone to say bad things about your work, but I would never pick up another book by the author, based on the LBD stories.


    I'm so glad I won these, as I would have felt cheated if I'd bought them! Harsh, but true.

  3. I can't believe it. I have no books to read.


    My budget (or lack of one) means that I can't buy, even second-hand. I haven't been able to get to the library, and I've just finished the last unread book I had in the house (Peter Kay's autobiography, incidentally).


    I'm already having withdrawal symptoms and wondering what I can re-read to pass the time. I've even been through my newly delivered catalogue twice, just so I have some pages to turn...


    Does anyone else ever get to this point, or do you always have a big TBR pile?

  4. I finished reading this book at the weekend, and really enjoyed it.


    As someone who is researching their family history, I found that I learned a little about what it may have been like for my family who lived at the time in which the book was set. There were other connections, as my ancestors were also from Ireland (although none of them rich :D ). I thought that the characters were beautifully written, and that the female lead was strong and endearing.


    As I said earlier, I found the chapters too lengthy, and I felt a little disappointed with the ending - to me, it felt rushed, but perhaps the intention is to have a sequel. If so, I'd definitely buy it.

  5. Blossom, how is this so?


    I'm sure you're not freaky in any other parts of your life so ... ?


    Yes, I am freaky in many ways...but none that impact on my reading habits!


    Usually I buy my books, but a strict budget (and the fact that my friend closed her book shop) means that I have to rely on the library. Unfortunately, I can't always get myself to the local library, and although hubby tries to pick things out for me, it's not the same as selecting them myself.


    It's a terrible position to find myself in, so I'm reading my current book very slowly and savouring every word. :friends0:

  6. We read a wide variety of things, books and plays. If memory serves me correctly, I read these, among others (titles are correct but I may have confused the authors):


    An Inspector Calls (JB Priestly)

    The Machine Stops (EM Forster)

    Androcles and the Lion (GB Shaw)

    Midsummer Night's Dream and Richard III (Shakespeare)

    To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee) - my favourite.



  7. I read the write-up about this in the Sky mag, and thought I might enjoy it. Unfortunately, I felt that it did not live up to the hype surrounding it.


    I, too, found the voice-over fairly irritating, and although it's likely I'll watch the remainder of the series (hubby enjoyed it), I wouldn't bother recording it if I was out.

  8. I have recently began reading books by Katie Fforde - they seem to be very popular at my local library (a book-buying budget crisis has sent me there quite regularly lately).


    Ms Fforde's books are beautifully written, and very easy to get in to. There is not a lot of high drama to keep you reading, but the characters and relationships between them are very engaging and enough to make you want to turn each page. That is a skill in itself.


    If you fancy some mild escapism, I would recommend 'Practically Perfect'. Practically perfect reading...except the reference to Cavalier dogs being dumb!