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  1. I've just bought this book off Ebay after reading some good reviews about it. I've not started it yet as I have a few to start first and we're moving house soon so think I'll wait until we've moved, will give me something to look forward to!
  2. Great thanks! I did a search on Amazon and a few other sites and I couldn't find the information. I saw it on Ebay when I was browsing, I had a couple of
  3. Nope none whatsoever, I can't seem to find any information on it at all so have absolutely no idea! I think its a relatively new book but when I just type the title into Google no information comes up.
  4. By Maureen McKenna with Irene Howat. Has anyone read this and whats it like? I've tried to find a description of the book but I can't find one, I've stumbled across it on Amazon and just wondered whether it was worth buying?
  5. I personally love Richard Layman, I've read all his books (I think!) and I find him quite good - he's very "easy reading in a gory sort of way!". I also love Shaun Hutson and James Herbert, but personally don't like Stephen King at all, I've tried a few of his books and I just cannot get into them so I gave up!
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