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  1. Hello

    Hi! I've read The Long Walk, which I liked really much, but I loved The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon even more. Currently I read Carrie, after a little obsession with the musical, and think I probably like this the most so far. @lunababymoonchild Hey I had some concerns about the horror as well, but I think if I'd like any horror book some day, it would be one of his. So I'm a bit excited about the many books of his that I'm waiting to read
  2. Hello

    @Madeleine I'm obsessed with George R.R. Martin and the song of ice and fire, but I also really like Jojo Moyes and every single one of her books almost equally. Recently I kind of discovered Stephen King, though I never thought I'd like this genre, but it seems like I get a little addicted to his books as well
  3. Hello

    Hey everyone I’m Cath, and I’ve read since I was able to read, basically. I also write myself as well, predominantly poems and short stories. I think that was my introduction