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  1. I store all of my trade paperback graphic novels (Marvel, DC etc) on a shelf of an IKEA Billy shelving unit and have noticed recently that all of the bottom right hand corners of the books have started to bend. The shelf i have them on is the only shelf stuck to the structure whereas he rest can be moved around, meaning this is the only shelf connected to the backboard of the shelving unit (at the bottom at least). My questions are what is the cause of this and how can I prevent this? There is a gap between the moveable shelves and the backing board so the bottom of the paperbacks have backing, but the top there is a small gap. Could this be the cause? Should i nail the shelf right into the backboard? Or is this simply a case of storing too many books on one shelf/needing a shelving unit with shorter shelves? The books don't yet fill the entire shelf so are standing free somewhat, but fill up about 80% of the shelf as I have quite a lot of them now. Help ASAP would be much appreciated as i don't want to damage my collection. Also easy ways to bend these back would be great. This is the bookcase i have : https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/storage-furniture/bookcases/billy-bookcase-white-art-00263850/ Thanks. (New to the forum so not sure how to upload images)