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  1. Hello from Spain!

    Hello Anthena! I like to read some authors like Irvine Welsh, Douglas Adams (funny books!), and some others more "seriously" like Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Haruki Murakami, Dostoievski, J.D. Salinger, ... As you can see I like a great variety of authors, without being one of them my favourite. On the other hand my favourite book are "A confederacy of dunces", from John Kennedy Toole. Regards!
  2. Hello! Im searching some recommendatios about books like Robinson Crusoe, survival genre. Thanks!
  3. Hello from Spain!

    Hello! Im 25 years old and actually I live in Girona, Catalonia, studying medicine. I found thist site a long time ago, but until today I only read. I nice to meet you all and I will be glad to discuss about some books around here!! Regards!!