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  1. Dear MsBooberella, I apologize about the lateness of my response. Thank you I will look for books by her. Regards
  2. Dear Vodkafan, True haha! I think I have a sufficient list, for the moment at lest, thanks to the recommendations here. Regards, bookishnerd
  3. Please take your time! And once again thank you very much! I will look into the series! Thank you for letting me know about the lack of shifty things rofl. I just recalled that I read the first of her other series. Its called Merry Gentry I think. I'm always game for a fun read even if the erotic content is on the milder side. Normally I shop for books once every quarter so I tend to make a big big list haha! There's always kindle and eBooks if all else fails. Dear Itsmeagain, It seems that the quote didn't work properly. I recall seeing the cover on Goodreads and Amazon and will take a closer look. Thank you very much for the recommendation! Dear Sakura, Thank you for the warning! I guess the best way is to try read the book a little. I will look into Incubus Dreams, thank you very much for your recommendation! Once again my heart felt thanks to all those who have responded to my request and to those who continue to respond! I was afraid I might be dealing with a rather taboo topic and was, hence, not expecting so many responses! Regards, Bookishnerd
  4. Dear Chrissy, Madeleine and Vodkafan, Thank you all for your help! I will look at the books and sites you mentioned. I'm game for pretty much any genre haha, I only meant that the who supernatural genre is a bit over done. I wonder what some one like Bram Stoker would say about all this vampire/werewolf (now there are a lot more were things rofl) craze. Vodkafan, thank you very much for offering to ask your colleague! Please do not go to any undue trouble on my behalf though! Regards, Bookishnerd
  5. Dear Members, Thank you for your honesty. Yes it can feel a bit embarrassing to talk of such books at times. I don't mind talking of such books since sex is a pretty darn natural thing haha, and besides fiction and fantasy does not have to relate to one's preferences or choices in reality. Also it can be stress relieving haha. I also learned that sometimes there can be some truly good, well written book in any genre. Similar in a sense to how Japanese animations sometimes deal with very serious topics. I generally do browse on Goodreads, its just that cutting through all the mediocre works takes a lot of time and effort haha! I just wish there were a few less smut and a lot less transforming were-things. Thank you anyway, Bookishnerd
  6. Dear Members of the Book Club forum, As far as I have seen in the rules and guidelines threads there seems to be no restriction on the topic of Erotic fiction. I hope that I am not breaking any rules by starting this thread and apologize for any who feel offended by the subject matter. Now on to the core of the matter. I generally keep a few books on hand of different genres to fit my fancy or mood. Broadly I primarily read Classics/Literary works (works of Scott, Dumas etc); Thrillers/Mystery; Fantasy and Adventure. After being introduced to literature I often found the average 'successful' modern fiction unsatisfactory. This was the case till Game of Thrones, the rather serious nature, the scale and the willingness to not shy away from adult content blew me away. Nonetheless I often keep lighter books for when I am tiered or have had a long day. Recently I decided to expand my horizon and try some erotica. I would like to share with you some of the books I enjoyed and hope that the members here will be willing and able to point me towards further reading. Author - Book title Lisette Ashton - Amazon Slave Lisette Ashton - Forbidden reading C.J Roberts - Captive in the dark Penelope Douglas - Corrupt (Devil's Night 01) Elliot Kay - Good Intentions Many of the books I found often had a rather submissive/reactive female protagonist with domineering males. I am looking for something where the female protagonist is more affirmative (along the lines of Lisette Ashton's Amazon Slave). Books where she takes what she wants rather than the other way around. I should mention that I do enjoy/prefer 'Menage's or multiple partners, although not exclusively. I prefer not to have LGBT content, no offense intended. Though I am largely tired of the shape shifting, were-x, y, z, type of books I am desperate enough to buckle if there are few choices to choose from. I do not mind darker stories with some grit/grime. I apologize for my unreasonable request and hope that the members of this forum will be able to help me find a few other books to read. Thanking you, Bookishnerd PS I read all the parts of a Series if I can, this means that the other books in the 'Captive in the dark' series or Eliot Kay's 'Good Intention's are already on my to read list.