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  1. books with a Male lead that has a harem or set of women interested in him in a preferably post apocalyptic type world. Zombies are a plus.
  2. yeah saw the list on goodreads but it doesnt narrow down what i mentionned it only needs to be a harem to be there ,plus goodreads lists are filled with other lists of reverse harem wich is opposite of what i want
  3. or polygamie (and if nothing comes up multiple love interests) ,and zombies or post appocalyptique themes are the best for this ,yeah i just stumbled on a chinese one that was that but not done right so figured asking for a rec ,and see if something comes up,apparently the undead world series (zombies )has a general with harem but our character is the girl so its taken as a villainous thing,wich i get, but im looking for a male lead in a survival environnement with his harem or multiple girls round ,dont bash me ,i've taken a liking to this and would like more if possible