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  1. Another newbie arrives..

    While still very new, I add my welcome also, Dan. For me, even in this short time, lots to read, very enjoyable, I hope you enjoy it too.
  2. Ever been taken completely by a new genre approached with no or little expectation?

    Rotating even!
  3. The 'Gaiman' adventure continues for me within the covers of "American Gods" as per my introduction. All part of a promise this year to explore each and every genre, whatever my prior expectation, where I have never left a footprint previously. "He was looking at Mr Nancy, an old black man with a pencil moustache, in his check sports jacket and his lemon-yellow gloves, riding a carousel lion as it rose and lowered, high in the air; and, at the same time, in the same place, he saw a jewelled spider as high as a horse, its eyes an emerald nebula, strutting, staring down at him; and simultaneously he was looking at an extraordinarily tall man with teak-coloured skin and three sets of arms, wearing a flowering ostrich-feather headdress, his face painted with red stripes, riding an irritated gold lion...and behind all of these things, Shadow was looking at a tiny brown spider, hiding under a withered ochre leaf" ...the literary equivalent (for me!) of balancing on my head while rotation along a vertical line! A simple question for all that - and I'd really like to know; ever been taken completely by a new genre approached with no or little expectation, at the first time of asking? Or indeed incredibly disappointed by it (and the work in question)? Thanks. Sean.
  4. Blue Lemon Sherbets!

    Thank you, each of you, for your very kind welcome. So nice to receive and so very much appreciated. Sean.
  5. Blue Lemon Sherbets!

    To one and all, greetings, and some blue lemon sherbets for everyone here tonight. I'm new. I hope you like the sweets - it's all I could think of bringing with me at short notice. Perhaps I should indeed have planned it better! My name is Sean. A friend calls me Michael. Someone else calls me Finbarr. I just know I like blue lemon sherbets! Reading Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' at the moment. Arrived to the first page without an expectation - rewarded ten-fold. My first read of his work; won't be my last. Impossible to imagine what awaits... Sean.