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  1. Thanks, Gaia! The medicine finally kicked in, and we wound up having a fantastic time. This morning, we're going to have breakfast on the beach, then we're going to head down to St. Augustine. It's the oldest continuous settlement in the United States, and has a lot of pretty Spanish architecture, unique shops, and such. My daughter went when she was little, but doesn't remember it.

  2. Drove four hours to Florida today to take my daughter to a concert. We ordered room service before the show, and I am as sick as can be. I have been taking medicine like mad trying to hold it together. I made it through the opening act, now just another couple hours until I can get back to the hotel.

  3. The high end ones are way more machine than most people need. Unless you are confident you will be a fitness fanatic, I would opt out of that. The cheap ones are only good for very light use from a normal to light-weight person. If you're going to be using it with any regularity, you work hard, or you're average weight or above, opt for the mid-range.

  4. Hmm...I tend to think of sci-fi, action, mystery, and suspense when I think of page-turner. What are some examples of books you've really enjoyed?


    Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton is mesmerizing -- no romance, though. 31 Hours by Masha Hamilton is supremely riveting, but controversial. The Camel Bookmobile by the same author is captivating and has a bit of a love story woven in. If you happen to like a little mystery, I really was stuck on Malice by Higashino Keigo.

  5. Dtrpath, have fun in Tallahassee and boo on going back to work!  I would love to visit the SE shore of the US.  That's one area I've never been.


    I had a slight disagreement with the garbage can that was sitting at the end of my driveway this morning and managed to break off my driver's side mirror.  This was not in the plan!  I'm now trying to find a used one and plan on watching YouTube videos to help me install it.  Good times!

    Thanks, we had fun. Too bad on the mirror! Brave you on the DIY install.

  6. Sounds like here, Dtrpath, where everyone and their mom goes up north to their lake cabins this weekend.  Friday morning the highway near my house was stopped dead.  I don't usually go up this weekend, because of all the people!  Have fun at the beach! :D

    Thanks! We had a great time. There's an island in the Gulf where it really empty on the one end -- maybe a dozen families even on a great day. Everyone stops at the public beach near the main bridge to the island. That's jam-packed, but if you drive down to the other end, you can get your own patch of shoreline.


    We did fireworks yesterday, which was also fun.