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  1. Tintaglia's Reading List 2017

    My reads of 2017 so far: Thief's Magic Angel Of Storms (Millenium's Rule) - Trudi Canavan The Bronze Key (Magisterium) - Cassandra Clare & Holly Black Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices) - Cassandra Clare The Red Knight - Miles Cameron (Traitor Son) The Host - Stephenie Meyer The Song Rising (Scion London) - Samantha Shannon The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy - J R.R Tolkien The Sword Of Summer - Rick Riordan (Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard) Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl And The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl) - Eoin Colfer The Mystery Of The Clockwork Sparrow (Sinclair's Mysteries) - Katherine Woodfine Eric Guards! Guards! Pyramids Moving Pictures (Discworld) - Terry Pratchett Dragonsong Dragonsinger (Chronicles Of Pern) - Anne McCaffrey Assassin's Fate (Fitz And The Fool) - Robin Hobb Red Glove (Curse Workers) - Holly Black Watership Down - Richard Adams Moon Rising Winter Turning (Wings Of Fire) - Tui T. Sutherland The Secret Life Of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd The Elfstones Of Shannara The Wishsong Of Shannara The Scions Of Shannara (Shannara Chronicles) - Terry Brooks The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro The Tiger And The Wolf The Bear And The Serpent (Echoes Of The Fall) - Adrian Tchaikovsky) TBR: The Chemist - Stephenie Meyer The Order Of Darkness - Philippa Gregory The Last Tudor - Philippa Gregory The Fell Sword - Miles Cameron Cogheart - Peter Bunzl Magnus Chase And The Hammer Of Thor - Rick Riordan The White Dragon - Anne McCaffrey Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett The Book Of Dust Vol 1: La Belle Sauvage - Philip Pullman (So looking forward to this!!!) The Druid Of Shannara - Terry Brooks The Golden Cage - J.D Oswald Escaping Peril - Tui T. Sutherland The Mystery Of The Jewelled Moth - Katherine Woodfine Successor's Rule - Trudi Canavan Artemis Fowl And The Eternity Code - Eoin Colfer Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight - Joss Whedon, Nancy Holder et al. The Silver Mask - Cassandra Clare & Holly Black Lord Of Shadows - Cassandra Clare Black Heart - Holly Black
  2. Book Titles A to Z

    Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb
  3. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    Big Hero 6 - Good fun, some parts very funny, Baymax is brilliant!
  4. Game of Thrones

    Yeah, that's right
  5. What Film Is This?

    Sorry about this guys...I've had to be offline for a few weeks...Apologies Yep, it's Paddington, lol
  6. Game of Thrones

    Hey, just got something to put out there: WHAT HAS BECOME OF RICKON??? I mean, are we just supposed to assume he's...dead, or something?!! Every time, I can't help but ponder about him :/ Does anyone else think the same? And you don't really hear or see people, in life or the characters, mentioning him at all - unlike the obvious Jon Snow, Dany, Arya etc because they're main, pivotal characters in the show...but think about it, what has befallen him, and are we ever going to see his character pop up in the future books, or tv? Is he going to make a shocking comeback down the line, or has he just simply been written out of the storyline, and that's that from him, because he's only a young lad and there's no further plot line that can be explored with him? Hmm...Just my thoughts anyway
  7. What Film Is This?

    Yeah, sorry...
  8. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    Yes, it's brilliant
  9. What Film Is This?

    Oops, sorry about that!
  10. What Film Is This?

    Hi all, just thought I'd start a new quiz! The aim is to guess the film from the photo below Enjoy! What film is this photo from? (Sorry, you'll have to click on it to properly see it!)
  11. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    Watched The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies for the first time, a couple of days ago. Me and my mum didn't get the chance to watch it at the cinema, so it was good when we were able to grab the dvd from Sainsburys the day after the release. Brilliant film, brilliant ending to the trilogy...some parts were so sad as well!!! We loved the encounter Bilbo and the others have with Smaug - Brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch lol - he truly is a stunning masterpiece of a dragon! We're fans of the LOTR trilogy, so naturally we had to see The Hobbits'. Though we own The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring book, we could never really get into the whole lengthy business of it - by what I mean digesting the myriad of names, places etc that could sort of befuddle the brain to attempt to memorise! We were able to absorb the details and things more comfortably watching the films Very enjoyable films, truly epic
  12. Book Title scramble

    White Lies A seaft orf worcs
  13. Which book is this?

    Ok, this is kind of a stab in the dark...the only classic sci-fi book of that description I can think of is The Picture Of Dorian Grey? I've never read it Hmm...
  14. Never ending BOOK titles: words in common

    A Hidden Enemy - Erin Hunter
  15. Finish the thought, game (join in)

    "Uh, not...particularly, itsme? I was lost at 'existentialism', to be honest. Although I have been known at times to ponder all the origins, our being here, reasons for this and that, etc. but those BIG words, no, not for me"...