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  1. One book that I'll never forget reading in primary school is Harriet's Hare by Dick King-Smith. I'm not sure why it stuck with me, but it could be that it was the first 'proper' book that I read.


    As for books I read in secondary school, I really liked Skellig by David Almond. :)

  2. Happiness Key by Emilie Richards - 4/5


    Happiness Key tells the stories of four unlikely friends who all share a common goal. They are all working together to find the family of an elderly neighbor, Herb Krause, who has died. Although this is the main story line, each of the four main character's own personal lives are implemented into the plot.


    Although it didn't come to me whilst I was reading book, it did occur to me afterwards that this book is almost a novelization of Desperate Housewives. Although the storyline is different, the setting and atmosphere of the book is very similar to the late television show.


    Strangely, part of me thinks that Happpiness Key is a terrible book. It is very predictable and was quite boring in some parts.


    However, at the same time I've learned to love the four main characters and care about what happens to them (especially Alice

    who is a victim of elder abuse



    Overall, despite its length, Happiness Key is an easy read that has characters that grew on me. I've decided to see it as a guilty pleasure. I definitely plan to read the rest of the trilogy, even though the first book works well as a stand alone.


    I gave Happiness Key a score of 4/5 :)

  3. My first 'job' was doing the washing up in a pub on Sundays. It only lasted about 8 months, and the pay was like £2 and hour :P


    I've just been offered a job as a care assistant. I can't say that washing up on a Sunday had any influence on this ;)

  4. Ah yeah. I can't believe that the government thinks people can survive on £200 a month. That's rent for anywhere immediately. I'm happy for you. Will be worth it to have some spare cash :D


    Yep, I'm lucky that I still live with my parents. I guess they'll want me to give them money now though! ;)


    I expect it to be a while before I even start working though, as CRB checks take time to come through.


    ETA: Thanks Athena and Chrissy! :)

  5. Congratulations! Have you worked in care before?


    I've had work experience in a care home, but I've never had a 'proper' job in care. Or anything at all :P


    I'm expecting it to be hard work though.


    But I just figured out that I'll probably be on about £250 per week, which is a big jump from £50 per week on job seekers allowance! So I'll be happy to work hard. :)

  6. Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog by John Grogan - 4/5


    'The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.'


    Marley & Me is a great book for animal lovers. I have never owned a dog in my life (I'm more of a cat person), but was still amused by Marley's antics. Though I'm glad I didn't have to live with him! ;)

    Marley has definitely found his way into my heart through this autobiographical book.


    Grogan has written an emotional roller-coaster. I couldn't help but feel elated for his successes and down trodden about the tragedies of the Grogan family.

    This book can also serve as a lesson that you should do your research properly before investing in a dog!

  7. This irritates me too in books. I like characters to be like real people, fumbling over what they say and occasionally saying the wrong thing, rather than giving the perfect 'cool' response every time.


    It really annoys me when the characters are witty during fight scenes. You'd think they'd be a little too scared to be thinking about being 'cool'. :P

  8. The Past
    When did you start to love reading?

    I can't remember ever not loving to read :)

    What books did you love as a child (either read to or to read yourself)?

    One book that has stuck in my mind is Harriets Hare by Dick King Smith

    Childhood memories of reading (if you have them)?

    I remember really enjoying the end of the day at primary school when the teacher would read a book to the whole class. Jacqueline Hyde by Robert Swindells always sticks in my mind as one of these books.

    Did you read books for school?

    Of course. I can't say I particularly enjoyed any of hese, but Of Mice and Men wasn't too bad. :)

    Favourite book: I have no idea.
    Favourite author: I'm not sure. Possibly Torey Hayden.
    Favourite genre(s): I enjoy fantasy/sci-fi etc. I'm not so keen on books that just depict everyday life things.

    Your Collection
    Do you own an ereader?

    I own a Kindle Keyboard, and I love it :D

    Ebooks or physical books (or both)?

    Ebooks because they're just convenient.

    Hardcover or paperback (or both)?

    Paperback. Hardbacks are just too expensive and inconvenient, and I always manage to damage the dust covers :(

    New books or used books (or both)?

    I don't mind. Whatever is the cheapest :P

    Big books or small books (or both)?

    Small books.

    What language are most of your books written in?

    English, because it's the only language I speak ;)

    Favourite book shop(s):

    The works is great, and I buy ebooks from Amazon

    Do you buy a lot of books?

    I don't buy too many, because I already have way too many.

    Do you spend a lot of money on books?

    Not really. I let my dad do that.

    Amount of owned books:

    Probably 25,000+ but these are ebooks that my dad got.

    Amount of books read:

    I have no idea.

    Amount of books TBR:

    A lot :P

    How often do you read?

    I usually read something everyday, even if only a little.

    Where do you read?

    Either in bed or laying on the sofa. Or at the bus stop.

    When do you read?

    Any time that I get bored.

    How fast do you read?

    Well it depends how much I enjoy the book really. :P

    The Forum
    When did you join this forum?

    Either November of December 2012.

    How did you find this forum?


  9. 493776759_2391bd9679_zpsa3ecc537.jpg


    The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare


    Whilst in an  'all ages' club, Clarissa 'Clary' Fray discovers that she is able to see Shadowerhunters (People that hunt and kill demons), even whilst they are wearing a glamour. This is something that mundies (mundanes - normal humans) should not be able to do. Through a series of circumstances, including her mother being abducted, Clarissa finds herself dragged into the lives of the Shadowhunters, and joins them in their search for 'The Mortal Cup' - an object needed in order for more Shadowhunters to be created.


    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the City of Bones. There are some similarities between it and Harry Potter. I think that if you enjoyed Harry Potter, you'll enjoy this.


    This book is fast paced and the characters are witty.


    I've never really been one to jump on the 'Team' bandwagon (e.g. Team Edward/Jacob), but Clary does have two love interests, and I actually find myself torn between the two. Simon, Clary's best friend (and a mundie), has supposed to have been in love with Clary for years, yet Jace ( a Shadowhunter) have only just met her. Plus Jace is a bit of a jerk. And I can't help but find Simon kind of boring, though he seems like the most suitable choice.

    Apparently Jace is Clary's brother, but I'm pretty sure that's not true. So at the moment I'm Team Simon, but if Jace isn't really her brother, I think I'll be Team Jace :)



    The only thing I didn't like about The City of Bones is the sometimes the characters are too witty, which makes them seem really unrealistic. But overall, I really enjoyed the book, and will be continuing with the series. :)