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Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

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I'm currently reading this book, I'm almost half way through. I was skim reading some of the posts above ^ (didn't want to read too closely in fear of spoilers), and I'm rather surprised to see that Becky Sharp has actually been liked by some people :D I'm no fan, myself. I don't really like anyone in the novel, except for Dobbin :wub: He's such a sweetheart! 


I do like how the author (or the omniscient narrator) is telling the story, jumping in to give us his opinions and addressing the reader. I don't, however, like how most of the story (or so it seems at the moment to me) is being told and not 'shown'. So little dialogue! I feel like the narrator is telling me what happened instead of magically taking me into the events and scenes, to stand right along the characters to witness what happens. 


I'm also starting to think that the book could get a move on :blush: I started reading the book fairly recently, and I've managed to read surprisingly lot of the novel per day, but it seems so little when I think how many pages the novel is in the end. 

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