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Independent Bookshop Offers

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We already have threads to post amazon/kindle offers, so I thought it might be nice to have an indie bookshop version. Their books are obviously not going to be as cheap as amazon, but I think they're more likely to have interesting bundles, signed editions etc.


This was partly inspired by something I really wanted to share. Bert's Books (which I've ordered from a couple of times now and it's brilliant, if you haven't heard of it) are doing a crowdfunder to open a physical bookshop and some of their rewards for donating are amazing. Some of them are really expensive but they're things like going for a walk with Patrick Gale, getting to name a character in a book (a few authors are doing that one) or getting a handwritten Bronte Mysteries short story by Bella Ellis. There are quite a lot of signed books (and bundles of signed books) but they are still between about £40-£60. But even if you just donate £5, you get 15% off from Bert's Books for the next six months! I've gone for the discount and I really hope they make enough money to open the physical shop (even though it will be too far away for me to visit, the world needs more bookshops!) The crowdfunding page is here if anyone wants to have a look https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bertsbooks . (I've just realised, when I went to get that link, that they only have 1 day left, so not long to get the rewards!)



Another interesting thing I discovered at Christmas, which I can now share here, is that the Big Green Bookshop has signed copies of 'Get Good' by Tyler Blevins. If any of you are into Fortnite streams, he's better known as Ninja. It's one of only two places in the world you can get a signed copy of this book (the other is in New York). My nephew is a huge fan, so I got him the book for Christmas. I don't think any of you are particularly interested in Fornite, but I'm sure you know others who are, so here's the link if you're interested http://www.biggreenbookshop.com/signed-copies/signed-get-good-by-tyler-blevins-aka-ninja-/prod_1009.html .



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