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HELP! Trying to remember title of a book I read as a child!

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I've been racking by brains, trying to remember the title of a book. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! :) 

   It's a children's scary book of short stories, but kind of joined together with narration? There's hints of comedy in a couple of the stories, and illustrations. I remember what three of the stories were about. 


1. A man who is paranoid about a Belgium ghost. He does an experiment where he leaves a jug of water on the other side of the room, to see if it's himself or a ghost who's drinking water. One part is he waves at a boat/ship and thats how the ghost possessed him or something? At the end of the short story he sets fire to his house trapping the ghost but also his servants/family.

2. It was like a list of tricks that scare you or something. One of them was that a man's (wearing a hat) head appearing to hover in the night.

3. A baby being thrown in a fireplace 

 After writing this, it doesn't even sound like a children's book! :wacko:

I remember the cover was grey with some white. Thank you!


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Since you mentioned a Belgian ghost, would you know if this was a book you read in English or was it possibly in a different language?


The only book of children's scary short stories, that came to my mind, was De Griezelbus series by Paul van Loon. However, it has been a while since I read the books, and I can't remember the details of the stories and whether they match what you mentioned. They are however scary children's stories with some humour and illustrations that are tied together by an overarching story and narration.


But I have no idea if you can read Dutch. If you can't read Dutch, then obviously this won't be the book you are looking for.


In that case, maybe someone else knows :).

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