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Antique Sir Walter Scott Collections

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Hi all,


I recently came into possession of a collection of Sir Walter Scott novels and poems and I'm hoping to find someone who knows more about them than I do.


The Waverly Novel collection consists of 25 volumes, the Tales of a Grandfather contains four volumes, and Scotts poems contain six volumes. They all date back to the 1870's and are in excellent condition. They were published by A&C Black, who were based in Edinburgh, Scotland (where I found the collection). Pictures below:






Would anyone know how much this set might be valued at?


I'm also curious by the inside cover. Each book consists of handwritten cursive, that reads "Jho-Darling, Governors House 1876". It may be just my poor eyesight, but I am unable to deceiver if it's "Jho-Darling" or "Tho-Darling".

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