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Do I have a First Edition, and if so, what is it worth?

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Hi there,


During a recent clearout, I came across a yellow hardcover copy of the book Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson, published in 2007. When looking through it, I happened to notice that the book's number line has a 1 as the first number. According to the sources I've come across online, this indicates a first edition, and I decided to make an account here to confirm this. If it is a First Edition, and it is worth something, I'll be looking at selling it, as I could do with the money and don't really need the book.


So, a few questions.


1. How do I definitively determine that the book I have is a First Edition?


2. If it is a First Edition, what is it likely to be worth, if anything at all?


Thanks in advance for any help, I really appreciate it.

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Welcome to the forum, but to be honest, I don't think we're the forum that can give you definitive answers you're looking for.  We're a forum of readers and it sounds like you need a more specialist book collecting/selling website.  Although you've already done some research online, but you'll probably need to do a bit more searching to find the information you need, or maybe you could take it to a specialist book dealer to see if they can help.  I just googled "confirming if a book is a first edition" and it came back with reputable book sellers with help pages about rare books and first editions, so that would probably be a good start and may lead you onto the specialist help you're looking for.

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