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My grumble with the price thing is the first part costs what it does and then there's a second part costing more. Frustrating the fans who wait for the second part and probably costing £25-30 for both, expensive for many of us, whether as gifts or a treat  for ourselves. The sad fact is in the everyday world, books are luxury items, excepting educational ones. 


Actually maybe I'm grumbling in the wrong direction here? Shouldn't an authors publishers keep a weather eye on the author and their doings? OK, only part of the blame to Mr. M. then.:)


I can understand an author having trouble with their plot, especially in such a character packed story, with each one determined to go their way despite the word count. That's why it's best not to leave them unattended too long, I bet they resent the restriction of being channelled into a storyline again. It'll be a headache to wrestle that lot back into order. We're all behind you Mr. M. - :)


Happy :readingtwo: All.

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That is only my opinion, but...

I usually like books more than films. They give  details and leave the story full, not cut everywhere it can be cut. 

So when the whole world around was mad about TV series, I started to read a book.

It was interesting at first. I didn't know the original plot, so every scene was new for me and the holistic world the author had made surprised me. 

Then it became a bit boring. You know, that was my biggest problem from first school years - I could not stand history, could not learn history, and just made myself do that because I knew history was important. But all that books based on history or ones wich just remind them... I felt horribly bored while reading them.

And I was bored with this one. I've read all the parts which were available but didn't like it so much I hoped I would like. 

This year I've started TV series. And you know, they seemed to be better. Bright picture, suitable emotions on actor's faces... That all made the series being NOT boring.

And that's the only time I liked the film more than the book. Sorry.

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There's a lot to handle reading your way through the whole series of "Thrones" so very well done Plot (I hope you don't mind the liberty?:D) I struggled myself a bit occasionally, and I love history - real or fantasy.


 In this case the tv series is great, and the actors seem to fit the characters well, but as you say, there are great chunks of story left out, and that's a shame for the reader, and the author who has put years of his life into the series. :writing:,


I well know it's difficult to let go of old school memories, they haunt us all, but try to keep in mind you're reading voluntarily now, and for entertainment. You won't get detention for putting the book down for a few days.

Maybe now you've watched the series you could take a stroll back through the books sometime, feeling on more familiar ground? Read other things in between, and you'll start each one fresh again for the drama! 


Reading for pleasure is just that - if it isn't relaxing and entertaining, I'd pack it up and move on to the  next.


Happy :readingtwo: All.



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