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Book recommendation: Falling in love, sweet boy

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Hi, I'm looking for book suggestions.


I am looking for a book about falling in love, more specifically with a sweet boy (around 20 years old). The boy (me) has a crush on the also kind/sweet friend (girl) (not best friend if possible) or the other way around.


I would rather have the book focused on the falling in love and dealing with his/her emotions (should I tell her/him and risk our friendship? How do I tell her/him?...) than having a big secret or being damaged by his/her past.


It can be written in the girls or boys perspective.

I searched on goodreads but most of the books are about bad boys or quarterbacks with an attitude or something. Or some unrealistic situation. 


I want to start reading books and have no experience, so maybe the books I have seen on goodreads are exactly what I'm looking for, maybe not. I would like your opinion.


My situation:

I am falling for a (girl) friend of mine. She is sweet, has a good heart, smart, so beautiful...

I am also sweet, romantic, blue eyes, swimmer, ...

College, around 20 years old. No high school please


Anyway I would be so happy if you could help me find what I'm looking for or something in that direction.




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There is a book called The Island of the Day Before by Umberto Eco. It was originally written in Italian, but there is an English version of it that was translated by William Weaver. The book is basically about a young man (I think he would be considered to be a dreamer character.) who is lost at sea all alone and he writes these meaningful letters to the woman he loves. These letters are really like a sort of diary for him because he can't actually send them to her. It is a very well written book. I have not had the time to finish yet, but that I have read is good so far.

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