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Readwine's Read 2012

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Since I have been a BCF member, I have challenged myself to read 52 books during the year. I've yet to get there, but I will keep trying.

2009 = 44

2010 = 47

2011 = 48

2012 = ?

Still, this is the most books I've ever read in a year (notwithstanding the years in university) and I owe it to the motivation BCF provides. Thank you.


For 2012, I am reasserting that challenge:


1. Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin 9.5/10

2. Sanctus by Simon Toyne 7/10

3. The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau 7.5/10

4. Restoration by Rose Tremain 7/10

5. The Trial of Elizabeth Cree by Peter Ackroyd 8/10

6. The Broken Land by Jack Ludlow 7/10

7. The Echo by Minette Waters 8/10

8. Dreaming of the Bones by Deborah Crombie 8/10

9. Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody 7.5/10

10. The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey 9/10

11. Sylvanus Now by Donna Morrissey 8/10

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Good luck with your challenge, I've set one for myself for the first time this year and I'm logging my progress on Goodreads which tell me how I'm doing percentage wise and how many books I am ahead/behind. it's really helping to keep me motivated!


How did you find Sanctus? It's on my TBR shelf.. :blush2:

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