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  1. Autobiographies and Biographies

    Reading "Lincoln" - David Herbert Donald. VERY good.
  2. George W. Bush - Decision Points

    I read this book as I am a U.S Presidential Memoir/Auto Bio buff. While I was a Pres Bush supporter (American Republican here - full disclosure ), I did find this book a little disapointing (for me). He focuses on key decision areas and is very thorough addressing those areas, it is not a detailed account of his presidency - which I pefer. He also does not get deep into the politics and campaigning - which I love. Karl Rove (Pres Bush's Political Advisor) has a very good book - "Courage and Consequence" which really gets deep into the campign stuff if that's your thing.
  3. So happy to finally join a forum like this. I read mostly non fiction, history, Presidential Memoirs, Political Most recent 3: "Lincoln" - David Herbert Donald "Seal Team Six" - Howard Wasdin "Courage and Consequence" - Karl Rove