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  1. I usually try to stay away from YA because I read to learn, either history, vocabulary or whatever, and I don't get that from this genre. But I also have a strict 'never watch a movie based on a book without reading the book first' personal policy. So when the trailer came out, I was intrigued. I have to say I was so wrapped up in this series (I finished all three books in five days) I'm going to give YA another shot. Maybe I don't learn as much, but dang if it's not entertaining! And I still haven't seen the movie yet.. Not sure I want to anymore, the book is always better right?
  2. Pearl S Buck "The Good Earth"

    I actually read this book in the 7th grade. The librarian had to find books for me because that year I tested at a college freshman reading level. Yes, I also wanted to slap the mistress, but I think what stuck with me the most in my impressionable years was the 'split upper lip'. I've carried chapstick on me ever since, no lie. I completely forgot about this book until I came upon this thread.. Maybe I'll give one of his other books a whirl!