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  1. I enjoyed everyone's opinion of this book. I've been in two minds about buying it. the audio option looks good. thanks lyn
  2. thanks for sharing. it sounds great.
  3. this is just a guess but would one of the Narnia books fit that description?
  4. Suggestions

    +1 for The Name of the Rose by Umberto Ecco. also Temple of the Grail by Adriana Koulias is a mystery set in a monastery in the Pyrenees.
  5. American or English Authors

    asking about 'the best authors' is very subjective. you have your opinion which you are entitled to. you can ask which authors do others prefer to read. as someone else has already pointed out - what are you basing your question on- talent? sales figures? per capita? I read mainly English and Australian authors because that's my preference. if I say they are 'the best authors' that would be my opinion otherwise I wouldn't read them. just my thoughts lyn
  6. English/British Fantasy Authors

    also check out Amanda Heminway and her pseudonym Jan Siegel. she is an English fantasy writer. I have both her trilogies (one under each name) and they are great. lyn
  7. I have finished reading Seer of Sevenwaters. it was a lovely read. it was not as atmospheric as Heir to Sevenwaters but it was good to catch up with some of the old characters again. lyn
  8. this is such a great series. I've read it several times. I love the atmosphere Juliet Marillier creates, and she is so knowledgeable about Celtic folklore and legends. she weaves into her stories with such magic...... I do love her writing. she has also written other books not of this series which are also worth reading. lyn
  9. Which Agatha Christie?

    The Tuesday Club Murders is a collection of short stories. they are a good read. enjoy which ever book you pick. lyn
  10. suggests to read

    have you tried Cecilia Dart-Thornton? she has written several fantasy books. the trilogy I read was The Bitterbynde - Book 1, The Ill-Made Mute, Book 2, The Lady of the Sorrows, Book 3, The Battle of Evernight. it is a beautiful saga and beautifully written. lyn
  11. thank you BigWords for your kind kind wishes.


  12. Happy birthday. :)

  13. Terry Pratchett

    I agree. I loved all the characters and I always love the humour in all the books. now I'm looking forward to 'I Shall Wear Midnight.' that's supposed to come out in the next few months. lyn
  14. hi Isabel I read the Moonstone and it was just a story. then I read The Woman in White and it so haunted me for ages after I finished it that I never read any of his other books. I might try the Haunted Hotel though now that you mention it. lyn
  15. I second Terry Pratchett. great books and you get a giggle from them. very dry sense of humour. also two authors I love are Cecelia Dart-Thornton and Juliet Marillier. their fantasy is fantastic.