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  1. Your Book Activity - October 2013

    At the moment I'm reading Definately Dead by Charlaine Harris. When I had the time to read, I couldn't find it anywhere, however I tend to get my reading done on the communite to univeristy, or lunch breaks at work. My study book is 'Passing the literacy skills QTS test. Which you need to complete BEFORE even applying for your Primary Teaching Degree.
  2. I'm back

    Hey all. I decided a totally different career change so I'm right back at the bottom and working my way up. Life with primary school children is fantastic and I wouldn't change the life decision if you paid me. It's tough, time consuming and at times stressful. At the moment I'm back on the studying circuit and coming to terms with being a student again. Sometimes I feel so old!!!
  3. Hmmm, this book sounds like something I would like to read, however a good mojo is needed by the looks of the comments. Is there an audio version? is it any good? If not I may wait until I have a fantastic mojo. CW
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James

    I was given the book to read after my friends raved about them. They were easy to read and surprisingly got my reading mojo back at the time. I agree with the camp who say that the book isn't a work of art, however like twilight, it's brought people who wouldn't read muhch if at all, reading... That can be nothing but a good thing.
  5. Hello from Enyo

    Some great books you've listed. I'm determined to re-read the 'Game of Thrones' books again. I've just purchased the first book via audible as I've just got a new found love for audio books.
  6. I'm back

    Hey all, my name is Catwoman, and I used to be on the site a lot a couple years ago, but I took a break from the internet including the site and I'm back. I don't read as much as I did and when I do it's generally non fiction teaching textbooks, or fiction books on the communite to university. At the moment I'm in the middle of a Sookie Stackhouse book, while reading The teaching Assistant's Handbook, and a book about the psychology of the witches trails. I hope to get back into the site again, as I really have missed it and some of you guys on here. CW
  7. 27% into A Game of Thrones. I wanted to re-read the first couple before carrying on with the series. Other than that I've read a few mediocore books. Mainly thriller and crime. I wasn't overly impressed with the new Val McDermid one.
  8. Your book activity in 2012

    I'm halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. I'm really enjoying it. I hope to be finished by wednesday if I have the time... I will make time!!! Grrr.
  9. Your book activity in 2012

    After another busy week I have only managed a chapter a night of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Around 25% through. It's good isn't Harry a moaning minnie in this book. As for book purchases I have grabbed loads *Blushes* I'm hoping the novelty of my Kindle will wear off soon!!! *Eeeep I was good last night and only got one book ... Hush by Anne Fraiser
  10. Your book activity in 2012

    Not much reading done for me been super busy, and tired and my reading time has been inturrupted by the Stargazer Live on BBC two. Great thing to do with all the family But I did read a couple of chapters of harry pOtter and the Order of The Phoenix. Isn't Harry Whiny?! On Chapter five. But I am enjoying it. My tree book is also The mammoth book fo conspiracies.
  11. Catwoman's Reading List 2012

    That's why I got it as a present, everyone knows how many books I take away with me. Also so the big heavy books that I have I will now find it easier to read in bed. Happy reading to you too xX CW
  12. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Thats fantastic about not eating anything sweet @mrslovebug. My kids still have xmas treats and we still hve bits left over. I am so tempted. After looking and replying in this thread I went on Amazon and got the EA SPORT active 2 for the Wii. If David Beckham endorsed it, well I have to give it a shot! Also did 45 mins of just dance and was rather sweaty!!! This is a great thread and will make me keep going on my long, hard and I think at times smelly challenge.
  13. Silly question. am I ok to take my kindle into a steaming hot bathroom? I want to read in the bath but I have no case or protective covering... Silly CW

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    2. catwoman


      thanks for all the suggestions guys. I ended up taking a tree book in with me :D

    3. catwoman


      thanks for all the suggestions guys. I ended up taking a tree book in with me :D

    4. Charm


      I put mine in a clear zip type sandwich bag, cheap and protective! ;)

  14. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    I started my healthy challange last week. I didn't start it sooner as the kids were still home from school. My challange is not necessarly about loosing weight but to be able to look good in a bikini for my holiday. I want to tone up my stomach badly. I have cut out the chocolate and the snacking. I do exercise everyday. Some days I do the Just Dance 3 sweat programme. somedays I use my wii fit and sometimes I use my iPod Nike fitness programme which is fab. I haven't weighed myself but I will do on Monday. Let the challange commence. Good Luck to everyone who is trying to get fit or loose weight!
  15. My new high heeled shoes came today. I need to start learning to walk in them. I never wear them because I walk like a man!

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    2. catwoman


      I struggle... A lot. I wear them for rocky and thats it. But I need heels for a holiday. I have them on right now. They hurt :(

    3. Nollaig


      :( Uggh that's horrible. Hugs!
    4. catwoman


      Thanks hun. I hate trying to be more lady like haha