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  1. Jeffery Deaver

    The film is actually quite a bit different to the book so I don't think it will even be spoilt! I always prefer the book versions anyway...
  2. I quite enjoyed Audrey Hepburn: A Biography by Barry Paris. I read it quite a while back but it's the one I remember as being good!
  3. ooooh holiday (to Norfolk) on Friday which means one thing: lots of reading to be done!! Yaaaay!

    1. Chrissy


      How will you choose what books to take?

      ps Have a fab holiday.

    2. Melisa


      Thank you. I'm taking all the books I've wanted to read for a while but for some reason not gotten around to! The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (especiall;y after every man and his dog has read it apart from me!), Sleeping Arrangements (Madeleine Wickham), the last two James Twining books, lots of easy reading!

  4. This is one of the books I have on order from the library - I hope it's good!
  5. The Harry Bosch Novels

    I've read most of them but still have the recent ones to read (Nine Dragons, The Brass Verdict and The Reversal)- I even got my mum reading them. I really struggled with The Overlook though - couldn't get into it at all which is why I think I haven't read his last 3. The Lincoln Lawyer and The Closers were probably his best!
  6. Book to film / TV...

    They actually did a couple of the books as a TV series in the 70's I think (I saw them on video in the 80's). The ones I saw were 'Five go to Smugglers Top' and 'Five go off in a Caravan'.. I would really like to see the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child to be made into a film/TV series! I have no idea who would play him though...Not sure who could live up to the '...men want to be him and women want to be with him' tag! Perhaps George Clooney. Completely agree with this one!
  7. Abridged Vs Unabridged books

    I'm sure I read a childrens copy of Little Women when I was about 7 and How shocked was I when I read it about 10 years later!
  8. Richard Montanari

    Currently readingThe Rosary Girls and quite enjoying it so far!
  9. F1 Motor Racing

    I love watching F1 - Bahrain was a bit slow though, Australia is what it should be like with the excitement of overtaking etc... Glad with the result though as I'm a bit of McLaren fan, felt sorry for Sebastian Vettel though. Will his car ever cope with a full race?!
  10. Good luck - I loved this book!
  11. The 'New Moon film' thread

    It's arrived!! I popped into town though and when I got back I thought it hadn't come as my boyfriend had hidden it!!
  12. The 'New Moon film' thread

    Mine hasn't come yet!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  13. Oh good - I've read good reviews about it and I'm enjoying it so I've reserved his next book at the library!
  14. Currently reading The Railway Detective by Edward Marston and I'm enjoying it so far. It's quite interesting to read a mystery book set in the 1800's as I've never really read any before apart from The Bone Garden, which switches between the current day and the 1800's.. I had a copy of 'The Sixth Lamentation but for some reason never got round to reading it! Let me know how you get on with it!
  15. The 'New Moon film' thread

    I ordered mine from Play.com and had an email this morning saying it had been posted too! I remember when I ordered Twilight, it was due to come out on the Monday and I received it in the post on Saturday morning - yipppeeee!