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  1. Jeffery Deaver

    Come on, Mr Deaver, speed up on the Lincoln Rymes books. I'm getting withdraw symptoms.
  2. I've allways been a fan of short stories, but it seems to be a dying art, can any one recommend any new authors specialising in this genre.
  3. Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    This book opened my eyes to the possibilitys of sci-fi. Full of ideas and imaginings of the future of the human race. Awsome. There are another three books in this series. Enjoy
  4. Can I ask you to use capital letters in your posts, as it makes things much easier to read. Thank you.

  5. Quite simply the most terrifying novel I've ever read. Its about a house that is not all that it seems its big,no its huge,it exists in another dimention.Or does it? The dialogue and layout of the text is all over the place,but it works. I dont think I've ever read anything more original. I wont tell you anymore it will spoil it for you just read it and enjoy. But I warn you seriously dont read it alone,its a very disturbing read.
  6. Edward Rutherford

    London by Edward Rutherfurd is the best historical fiction novel I've read. It's huge - thirteen hundred pages. It takes you through sixteen centuries of the history of London, from Roman times right through to the developement of the docklands. It's the story of London but also the story of the British Isles. Each chapter revolves around a different generation, gradually moving through the ages. The characters are all geneticly related, a direct desent from Roman to present day. This book should be on the national carriculum, as an history lesson for all British school children. It might give them some pride in there country. If you like this book, then try Sarum by Rutherfurd, it's a more complete story of the whole of England.
  7. Ian McEwan

    I've read On Chesil Beach and its my least favourite book of McEwans that i have read the other two been Atonement and Saturday.
  8. Irvine Welsh

    I love Irvine Welsh and I would have to disagree with one of the comments. Far from Trainspotting glamorising drugs, I think it should be read in schools, as a deterrent. Never have I read a more hard-hitting book on the perils of drugs, and specifically heroin. It contains dark humour throughout and the Scottish dialogue gives it authenticity. This is a writer who writes what it
  9. Yann Martel - Life of Pi

    i agree this is an amazingly original book. funny,frightning,full of ideas a terrific page turner one of my all time favourites
  10. Tell No One by Harlan Coben (Book & Film)

    i would just like to say i agree whole heartedly.what a great page turner,and so many twists and turns,it keeps you guessing write to the last chapter,and then when you think all loose ends are tied up,it hits you with a final twist in the last three lines. brilliant
  11. my favourite crime fighter is d.c.i alan banks the detective in peter robinsons books. peter robinsons books are set in the yorkshire dales,moors, area of england and all eighteen books contain alan banks. hes a working class man who enjoys classical and rock music in equal measure,he also reads,enjoys theatre,and going to opera.but at heart hes a normal bloke who enjoys a pint of ale and a pub lunch with hes mates
  12. Charles Dickens

    ive read all of dickins novels.i think its 14 novels and 5 short novels im not entirely certain. out of all of them the one to have the bigest impact on me has to be bleak house. it probabaly has one of the greatest opening chapters in litarature.i think the great thing about dickins is you really feel like you have stepped into a time machine and been transported back to victorian london. you live it and you breath it. his other great talent is for caracature,and humour.
  13. Stephen King

    I've read everything King has ever wrote. My all time favourite books from the master have got to be the Dark Tower novels, I must have read all seven books at least seven times over. I guess I must be a little obsessed. I've also read The Stand 5 times IT 3 times and the rest at least twice. It's his ability to pull you into the story that amazes me, one minuit I've sat down to read the next 5 hours have past. It might sound strange but I actually feel im living the story my living world dissapears and im in the story, very few writers have that story telling ability,Dickins was one. You may think reading this that Stephen King was the only writer I read,not so. I like every thing from the Brontes to Harlan Coben. BOOKS ROCK