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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a cracking good day! :-)

  2. Happy birthday!! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday when you happen to pass by.

  4. I don't think he was being mean, he just knows what I'm like! :lol: I'm always saying I'm going to do things but then I never do them! But that was the old me and this is the new me!


    Hope you had a good Monday, I can't believe how quickly the weekend went!

  5. What a mean response! But good for you if it only makes you more determined :)

  6. Well I'm definately going to go to aeorobics now because today I said to my dad 'I need new trainers for aeorobics' and he said 'You'll never go' so now I have to go just to prove him wrong!! I hate it when people tell me I won't do something, it just makes me more determined to do it!!

  7. Well, he certainly loves to sing and dance, and the other day he started playing air guitar - we don't know where he picked that up! He also has a very good sense of rythm (clapping hands or tapping a table - he loves to keep a beat).

  8. amazing animation video

    Great video! Thanks for sharing
  9. That's great that you are getting out with work friends... well done! I hope you're having fun :)


    Ah, the eternal dilemna of "I want to exercise, but I don't have what I need" and then "I have what I need, but I don't feel like exercising anymore", followed by "I want to exercise again, but I'e somehow ruined my trainers/ sweatpants since last time so I don't have what I need"... I'm a great specialist of that never ending circle :lol:

  10. No, Dale has never seen me in an acting role. I did one show after we got together - a children's one called The Emperor and the Nightingale (I was the mechanical nightingale), but I didn't want him to come and watch, so he respected my wishes. He's seen me sing a few times and he's been in bands too (he sings and plays guitar) but we've never been in a band together.

  11. Erm, no groups joined yet I'm afraid *looks ashamed*. I am going to join though! Promise!!

    I've actually been a bit busy lately, and in the next few weeks I'm going out quite a bit with my work friends, so I am getting out more!!


    Gyms are really expensive aren't they! Luckily the leisure centre near us does a really good range of classes for about

  12. I gave up the acting shortly before I got together with my hubby. I had been on the stage for 20+ years and was sick of all the moving around all the time. Add that to a really lousy memory (which made learning lines a real chore) et voila! I continued with the singing (both solo and in bands) and dancing for a while, but eventually I stopped that too.


    I don't realy miss the acting at all now. I did a little in the beginning, but overall I know I made the right decision as I've been happier since I jacked it all in. Funny, isn't it? So many people would say acting was a dream job - I was actually starting to be able to make a comfortable living from it, but it was making me miserable in the end.


    We did loads of different kinds of shows - musicals, dance shows, Shakespeare, drama, comedy, panto - you name it, we did it!

  13. I don't mind at all. Yes, I was an actor for a long, long time. I was on the stage from being almost 3 years old. I started with dancing, then added acting and singing. I studied drama at college and was a founder member of a theatre company (Majik Men Theatre Co) which we ran for just over 6 years before it folded.

  14. Macbeth by Shakespeare

    Sounds fun Kell! And I'm not surprised you didn't mind the rythm. I can't imagine the play being acted with the rythm you described earlier... While I'm all for keeping as close to the original text and feel, a play needs to be approachable.
  15. hey! It's the week-end again! :D that went fast. I hope you had a good week. How are the groups going? Have you joined one yet?


    I'm debating whether to join a gym... I like the idea of having a wide selection of dance/ aerocbics/ whatnot classes to choose from but I'm not sure its my kind of place and its incredibly expensive.


    Have a great week-end!