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  1. Hi I'm new here

    Hi Sedge Still trying to fathom how to get anywhere on this site. Received an email that mentions Sedge but the purpose of the message remains a mystery! Anyway, Like you I am a new member. I look forward to mastering this technology. Happy reading. Mike
  2. Mike

    Ah'm always suspishus of folk wiv four stars. An' who told you I was ill? Mike Hello Carm. I've been days on the bookforum site but have not yet talked much about books! Have just received an article from a Scottish newspaper about Peter Carey's home in New York. I have just read "Theft" and looking forward to his latest. There seems to be some hostility in Oz to natives, like Carey, who prefer to live elsewhere. Maybe we still suffer from colonial cringe. Publishers' Blurbs. Critics. Book Reviewers. To fall readily into cliche, is he, she reading the same book, seeing the same film, hearing the same musician? Should we read blurbs with more than a grain of sodium? I want to write more but I am a model of restraint. Mike
  3. Mike

    March! How good of you to write to me from so far away! I rejoice daily, in the magic of the Internet that has shrunk our world. I once dreamed of sailing around the world. Now I can just sit at the computer. No sweat. Thanks for your post. Mike
  4. Mike

    Hi Karen I'm breathing! Not sure of the etiquette here. I want to thank everybody for their kind messages. Maybe a few at a time? Is that ok? Kell. Scotland, O Scotland. Frozen or not. Long, long, long ago, I drove from Edinboro to Glasgow to meet a girl. No! No! I can't go on! Play the Bruch Violin Concerto, very loudly. Mike Sorry. I've messed up big time, In an interview Carey "attributed the muted critical response in Australia to his latest fiction to laziness on the part of local reviewers."
  5. Mike

    Kylie, Cloudstreet is such great writing. Dirt Music seems, to me, a much lesser thing. I do so like the wide imagination of his writing. Something like the West Australian landscape. I'm a Pete Carey fan but he's becoming a bit precious of his public. Why can't he just write and let the rest of it go, I wonder. I would! Mike
  6. Mike

    Hi Avid Reader Wow! Messages pouring in. Suddenly Queensland becomes part of the world. Is it true the War's ended? Mike
  7. Mike

    Never, ever in my roaming life have I communicated with a mad cow! My mother, bless 'er, would say 'Do be careful son'. Thanks for the message.
  8. Mike

    Hi from Queensland, Australia Currently reading Martin Amis, Peter Carey, Tim Winton, Hilaire Belloc and the greatest little entertainer I received for a birthday prezzie: Skylarks and Scuttlebutts - a Treasure Trove of Nautical Knowledge by Lorenz Schrotter. I was a potter and now paint, read and read and keep a Journal. I read just about anything. A bit of a dustbin. I look forward to meeting you, when I have learned about how to travel on this site!
  9. At least three times in this book Amis refers to a character as the "Barnardo boy". Does any reader know why? As a 'Barnardo Boy' myself (wivvout any hangups), I am curious. Are there any Barnardo Boys out there? PS I haven't a clue how to use this site - but I can type with all my fingers.
  10. "Landscape with Animals"

    Sonya Hartnett's book "Landscape with Animals" was slammed by a senior critic in Oz. Sonya had thought him a friend. A friend? Have just read the book and must agree with the criticism. Does any one have a view of this particular book?
  11. A lost new member

    Thanks Elbereth578. Taking your advice. Thank you to everybody. Wow!!
  12. A lost new member

    Is there somewhere I can go that will enable me to find my way around an interesting site? I feel I am in a maze. It must be the Aussie winter - our coldest ever. Warm regards.
  13. A lost new member

    Hi from Queensland I always have trouble finding my way around web sites, including this one. Greatly looking forward to talking about books. Any Peter Carey fans over there?