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  1. How do you read?

    LoL that's strange! Actually though saying that sometimes when I have had my head down for too long I do tend to feel sick after a while!! xLorzx
  2. ... Currently Reading ...

    Well, I really tried with Cecelia Ahern 'A Place Called Here' but I just couldnt seem to get 'into' it very well so I went out after work and bought a new one called "The Personal Shopper" by Carmen Reid. I havent started it yet but hopefully it will be a good read! Anyone heard of Carmen Reid? Hope your all ok... xLorzx
  3. How do you read?

    I tend to read on the couch when my boyfriend is either watching tv or playing on Xbox or entertaining our puppy!! I have grown up in quite a hectic house so I always need the tv on regardless of what I'm doing as background noise! I also read when my boyfriend is driving and also in bed xLorzx
  4. ..Hiya..

    Hiya everybody ... thank you I'm looking forward to talking to you all!! xLorzx
  5. ... Currently Reading ...

    thank you all for replying Great to hear from you all!! Oooo is the P.s I Love You film actually being released then?? I loved that book and I think it would be excellent as a film! I am actually finding this book rather disappointing because all of her others I have read have been great. I can't actually remember reading If You Could See Me Now ... I'm sure I have, isn't it the one with gold cover and pink writing? I can't actually remember the storyline because I have read so many since ... somebody fill me in??? LoL I'm pretty sure I can remember reading it! I have got quite a big to read pile too, it's abit old now but I'm waiting for Playing Away by Adele Parks to arrive. Another great writer! Hope you are all ok..Happy Reading xLorzx
  6. How did you find the forum?

    I like to read and just wondered if there was a forum out there where I can talk to fellow bookworms and entered into Google and I found you lovely bunch xLorzx
  7. ..Hiya..

    Hiya I'm Laura and I joined here yesterday. I love to read so I thought I'd join the forum!! I hope thar we all have many great conversations about different authors and books and I am also interested in learning from others different genres too!! Hope you are all welll. xLorzx
  8. ... Currently Reading ...

    Hiya, I'm currently reading Ceciela Ahern A Place Called Here. I'm almost half way through and I'm still not quite sure what to make of it because I'm more of a romancy kind of girl and this seems abit more fantasy if you like. I will continue to read though because the other novels i.e P.s I Love You by Ahern I have really enjyed and tell all my friends to read .. even though sadly I am the only one in my circle of friends who reads which is a shame because I enjoy to talk about my current reads!! Anybody else read/reading this book or any other by Ahern?? Look forward to hearing from you... xLorzx