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  1. How Many in your TBR Pile

    Mine is currently standing at 20. I'm not reading as much at the mo.
  2. Question about Green metropolis

    I'm pretty sure there is an option somewhere as I have used it in the past. Will check another day for you when I'm not on my 3rd glass of wine
  3. Question about Green metropolis

    I'm loving the new look Green Met. What are other peoples thoughts on it's updates.
  4. Thank you so much Michelle - really looking forward to reading this as everyone seems to rave about them so much.

  5. Just to let you know you won the blog competition, for the Raven Hart book. I emailed her your address last night, but she's apparently ran out, and is waiting for a new batch to come in.. so it may take a little while. Sorry about that, but congratulations!

  6. Strictly Come Dancing - new line-up P15

    I thought Phil ws unlucky last night - Gary was simply dreadful it reminded me of 'dad dancing'
  7. Harlan Coben

    Totallky agree with you especially the witty part and I think that's why I enjoy the Mylon series so much
  8. Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

    I also rea this at school and remember being pleasently suprised that I enjoyed it. I then reread it later as an adult as I just wanted to read the book and enjoy it rather than have to analyse it.
  9. Big Brother 9

    This is probably going to be unpopular but I want Darnell to win or me next choice is Rex
  10. Keeping a record of books I've read

    I use an excel spreadsheet and record author,title, mark out of 10, date finished and total number read that year. I find it really helpful to be able to sort it by author when I want to check if I have already read a particular book
  11. Sorry Supergran I'm rubbish at noticing when I have a message! I'm in Enfield which is right on the outskirts of North London. I used to spend a fair bit of time in Harrow around 15 years ago

  12. Ann's Reading Log 2008

    Gregg & Gina Hill - On the Run NON FICTION On the Run is a harrowing account of a childhood spent coping with an explosive father whilst dodging Mafia payback. Henry Hill's business partner, Jimmy Burke has whacked every person who could possibly implicate him in the infamous Lufthansa robbery at JFK airport. On his way to prison, lifelong gangster Henry is given two options: sleep with the fishes, or enter the FBI's Witness Protection Programme. Gregg and Gina are dragged along for the ride. Like nomads, they're forced to wander from state to state, constantly inventing new names and finding new friends, only to abandon them at a moments notice. Living in fear of being found and killed. But Henry, the rock Gregg and Gina so desperately need is a heavy cocaine user and knows only the criminal life. He is soon up to his old tricks and consistently putting their identities in jeopardy. And so, it continues until the kids, now almost grown, can no longer ignore that the Mob might be less of a threat to them than remaining under the roof of their increasingly unbalanced father. Goodfellas is one of my favourite films so I was very interested in reading what life was like for Henry Hill's kids once their family were in the witness protection program. To be honest I can't understand how they stayed alive as Henry didn't seem to understand how to behave once in the program to stay unnoticed by the Mafia. He was also an abusive father to both of his children and at times this is a very sad read. 8/10 Books read this year = 65 Blind Faith - Ben Elton Imagine a world where everyone knows everything about everybody. Where 'sharing' is valued above all, and privacy is considered a dangerous perversion. Trafford wouldn't call himself a rebel, but he's daring to be different, to stand out from the crowd. In his own small ways, he wants to push against the system. But in this world, uniformity is everything. And even tiny defiances won't go unnoticed. Ben Elton's dark, savagely comic novel imagines a post-apocalyptic society where religious intolerance combines with a sex-obsessed, utterly egocentric culture. In this world, nakedness is modesty, independent thought subversive, and ignorance is wisdom. A chilling vision of what's to come? Or something rather closer to home? I normally really enjoy BE's books but was a bit releaved when I got to the end of this one. At times it is very funny but the humour can be a bit repetitive and towards the end of the book you start to feel you have read it all before. Worth reading but definately not up to his usual standard. 7/10 Books read this year = 66
  13. Hi Annie, just dropped in to say hello how are you. Where abouts in North London do you live, my daughter is in Harrow, but I think that is more north west London.

  14. At what time in the day do you read?

    There's no pattern to when I read but I do have to have silence