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  1. Hi guys, I'm new here. For many years I've been trying to recall a book I read back in school. I cannot remember the title nor the author, only the basic plot and a few possible quotes. The story follows two young boys from England(?) who come from different backgrounds. One lives on a counsel estate and likes football, and the other lives in a fairly well-off neighbourhood and is focused on education. Initially the two are enemies, the football-lover bullying the academic, until one day the bully either ticks or pushes the other boy into a river, then realises he has to rescue him, which he does, and the two become close friends from that moment on. Later in life, the ex-bully follows his dreams of becoming a football player, and the academic goes to university. Later in life, the two meet back up in their old town and reminisce about their past and ponder on how things worked out. I believe at one point there's a line which reads "he knew that he drank from the horn of plenty" and "unmistakable sound of a grown man crying" however I am not 100% sure of the accuracy, and I've already tried every possible variation during my years of searching, and I've used all the lesser-known Google search tools to try narrowing it down, but still no luck. It was a beautifully inspiring book and I would really like to rediscover it. If anyone knows this book, or even has a memory of it themselves, please please reply. Thank you.