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  1. The second one is called Ominous and is by Lisa Jackson (you can just make out the name Lisa on the spine of the book)
  2. I think the first pic has a book by MaryJanice Davidson who wrote the Undead series (which would make sense!) I think that particular book is Undead and Unforgiven.
  3. Hi all! I'm new to the forum so I apologise if I'm duplicating an old post. I'm looking for recommendations for really REALLY scary horror novels. You know, the kind of stories that give you heart palpitations as you're reading them. Ones that really play on your mind so that you can't sleep, or have to have the light on for a while after reading them. Preferably ghost stories but will take anything really. I've previously read books like Woman in Black, The Shining, IT, and also stories that feature haunted asylums. I'm good with gore and stuff but I just fancy a really good scare Haha! Any author is fine, well known or not. In fact I love discovering and supporting new and upcoming authors. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! Thanks in advance!