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  1. Okay, so, first things first. I´m not the usual romance book reader. I keep myself in the cozy fantasy universe, where anything is possible (which translates into "If you dont like the plot, don´t read it and try the next one") but I´ve been reading romance fanfiction and I like it quite a lot. Most of what I read is romance anyway, but with fanfics you already know the characters, so its easier that way. Today, I decided I wanted a book. A romance book. Most of the books I read are non romantic centered, so I´m totally new in this. Since I don´t know a thing about it, I try searching "romance". I get a list with either historical/old fashioned covers whose plots are.... well, tragic? with Self-sacrificing heroines? And a lot of (and I mean a LOT) Don Juans... I guess. I mean, I hate Don Juans. I love tragedy and drama and cozy stuff. Just not Don Juans. Anyway, I got those or abdomens. LOTS of abdomens. So, that didn´t work. Well, nevermind I say. I try searching for, I guess the word would be tag? I like it when the bad guy is misundertood or just nice deep down (deep deeeeep down and tilting your head at the right angle) Villain gets the girl - That tag was awful. Awful I tell you. There was just one mildly interesting. Anti hero - Same as the first. Gamma hero - I searched that, at someone´s suggestion... I dont think it has anything to do with what I was searching... Bad Boy - Was the worst tag I searched. Too much teenage angst for me, too many vampires, werewolfs, assasins and rock stars. So, I´m pleading, begging of you. If any of you know of some book along the lines of what I want or maybe just a good romance book that doesn´t involve a guy with a winning smile that has girls at his beck and call (but oh, he falls in love and then everything is fidelity and rainbows), already-dead-guys´lives spins off or sex every two pages, I would aprecciate it. Also, Im actually spanish, so, I´m sorry if I had some gramatical mistakes, I hope I could get my point across.