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  1. Please, recommend me a book about life, about the everyday life... the path of the lonely man, the outsider. A man searching for himself and his mission / meaning in life ... He is an idealist, a dreamer and dreaming of another, a better world (perfect world). He is out of time (not his), trying to adapt, but does not fit into society, with a deep inner world; For his fall and ... the exit/way out. Perhaps - The Golden Age Syndrome (as "Midnight in Paris" by Woddy Allan). My favorites are "Marten Eden", "Loneliness On The Net" - Janusz L. Wisniewski; and "The Memory Artists" by Jeffrey Moore (the characters: Norval and partly Noel Burun).
  2. Hello, firends! I looking for books about these topics: 1. A man who dares to change, experiences mentally / physically catharsis, metamorphosis, achieves his dream, who parts with his sorry existence, stands up against himself, against the world ... motivating and inspiring! (my favorites: Marten Eden, The way of the peaceful warrior, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) 1.1 Or book about overcoming severe physical problem. 2. The life of a lonesome man; (before, now, after); (story takes place in present day - 1950-2000) 3. Sci-fi - isolated, self-sustaining society, securing its own resources; 3.1 - A scientist, an inventor or a team of scientists, or actions taking place at a laboratory. 4. Relationship, affair between a young man and a mature woman.