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  1. Hello, Hayley I know, but it's not exactly the same topic. - there is another topic (2)
  2. I am looking for books about the outsider, the dreamer/believer, a person with ideals, who fails to adapt to society, (someone with а rich inner world), trapped in the outside of his generation / world / society; ... dreaming of a different, better world (perfect world ...). And his consequent (And the further increase) alienation, loosing ground gradual decline/hiding from society; until final breakup. The most similar to what I am looking for are: The main character in "Marten Eden" (by Jack London). “The Memory Artists" by Jeffrey Moore (with Norval as the main character and Noel Burun partly). And also Chris McCandless in the film "Into the Wild". I liked the idea of “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen about the Golden Age Syndrome too. ----- 2. A movie or book about the last days of a person's life (time until the end of life). Ex: "The Bucket list", but it is very sweeten and positive...
  3. Please, recommend me a book about life, about the everyday life... the path of the lonely man, the outsider. A man searching for himself and his mission / meaning in life ... He is an idealist, a dreamer and dreaming of another, a better world (perfect world). He is out of time (not his), trying to adapt, but does not fit into society, with a deep inner world; For his fall and ... the exit/way out. Perhaps - The Golden Age Syndrome (as "Midnight in Paris" by Woddy Allan). My favorites are "Marten Eden", "Loneliness On The Net" - Janusz L. Wisniewski; and "The Memory Artists" by Jeffrey Moore (the characters: Norval and partly Noel Burun).
  4. Hello, firends! I looking for books about these topics: 1. A man who dares to change, experiences mentally / physically catharsis, metamorphosis, achieves his dream, who parts with his sorry existence, stands up against himself, against the world ... motivating and inspiring! (my favorites: Marten Eden, The way of the peaceful warrior, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) 1.1 Or book about overcoming severe physical problem. 2. The life of a lonesome man; (before, now, after); (story takes place in present day - 1950-2000) 3. Sci-fi - isolated, self-sustaining society, securing its own resources; 3.1 - A scientist, an inventor or a team of scientists, or actions taking place at a laboratory. 4. Relationship, affair between a young man and a mature woman.