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  1. What are you watching now? - 2013

    I'm watching re-runs of According to Jim. Because there is absolutely nothing else on. But tonight is Grey's Anatomy....one of my favorites.
  2. What's for Dinner?

    hubby and I went out to dinner. We had Shushi!!! yummmy
  3. What are you watching now? - 2013

    watching The Next Pop Talent.
  4. What's up in April?

    So, the weather was good enough (sun shining but cold wind) that Hubby and I went into the garden and tried to bring some order to the winter's chaos. We haven't even gotten to getting it looking well enough to want to enjoy it. With a few more 'gardening' days and enough energy, we just might be able to get it done. When once the cold weather kept things from growing. Especially the weeds, this warmer weather has been giving them a new lease on life and they are shooting up faster than my beloved plants. UUGh!
  5. Pets ~ Part Two

    CP, what a lovely old age for a dog to acquire. I hope all is well now.Most of my dogs have only gone to 12. I'm hoping Mabel will go longer, her mother lived to be 14. Although they do say that smaller dogs live longer than larger ones. My girlfriend has a Jack Russel that is already 17! Another friend of mine has boxers and they only average 8 years. Isn't that weird.
  6. Word Association

  7. What's up in April?

    Wonderful Kell. I always enjoyed being with child. Enjoy it all.
  8. Pets ~ Part Two

    There is no further information coming. Except a hint that maybe they might have nicked something where bacteria got into. It's more complicated with a spaying. With my other dogs I never had problems after the operation. However, Mabel was very, very sick before with the infection. So, it stands to reason that a bit of that infection could have gotten left behind. And, Mabel reacted terribly with the stuff they gave her to sleep. She had a panic attack and screamed in fear. It was terrible to see and hear. She doesn't seem to have any ill feelings towards the vet though. Keeps going there with wagging tail. Thank Goodness! Tonight she kept smacking her lips again and licking her paws, a sure sign that she has an upset stomach. So, maybe I spoke too soon. She does have to get used to the new food too. I'm hopeful that this is the cause. I hope your furface has a good night and therefore you too.
  9. Pets ~ Part Two

    That sounds promising. It seems that a routine snip-snip operation can become a problem. With your Reuben and our Mabel. I am so glad to hear that he is doing better. I know that when my dog feels bad, so do I. I'm sure you have the same. Good luck with the next few daays.
  10. Word Association

    associate (don't know why my former post posted in the wrong spot....strange)
  11. What's for Dinner?

    Tonight we had fish, mashed potatoes and applesauce. It was a rushed dinner.
  12. What's for Dinner?

    Lovely actually. Gives it that little bit of sweet.
  13. Word Association

  14. Pets ~ Part Two

    Oh dear, BB, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope they can help him. Passing blood sounds bad, hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm sure the vets can pin point his problem.
  15. He was able to steal a life boat and was happily on his way, singing a sailors song, when all of a sudden he saw a huge spout of water to his left. The shadow under that spout of water was huge. Bob sighed a huge sigh of fear when he realized that what he was seeing was....
  16. What's up in April?

    I think that the weather is topsy-turvy everywhere. The sun was shining here today, but the storm like wind kept it chilly. I went shopping at Ikea with my best friend today. Got a few choice items at slashed prices. Nice. Then we went to lunch. I love an extra free day. I wasn't completely lax today, though. I did some ironing early this morning.
  17. What's up in April?

    I think you should send them a 'fake' bill. that should shock them. Might be worth a laugh too!
  18. ...as important as he thought. Maybe he should count his blessings and just high tail it out of there. Maybe he could steal a life boat and.....
  19. What's for Dinner?

    Tonight we are eating turkey stirfry with peaches, onions, bean sprouts, carrots and rice.
  20. Pets ~ Part Two

    I've had her using this canned food when she had an infection causing the runs and throwing up. This is something different. Thanks for the info though.
  21. Pets ~ Part Two

    Well, good news. It's not her liver. It's not her kidneys. It's nog diabetes. We got new pills for her. To keep her from vomiting and an antiacid. Plus they gave us a new type of food that we have to soak for at least 1/2 hr. before we give it to her. All very expensive. But if our Mabel (means loveable, which is why we choose it) gets better, I'll be happy. Naturally, before I started on the pills, she threw up this afternoon, AFTER I finished mopping the floor!! Go figure. Yes, it was Pyrometra. Which I had to look up first via google. So, if all goes well with the new food and meds, Mabel should be better. I'm just hoping she is not going to have to stay on this food as it is super expensive. After the operation we went from normal kibble to Pressed kibble, which was supossed to help her stomach more than regular kibble by falling apart as soon as it mixed with her stomach juices.Unlike reg kibble which just forms a ball in the stomach. The vet wasn't too impressed with this type of food. We shall just have to be patient and hope it's not an ulcer.