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  1. What's for Dinner?

    Well, we had an Indonesian meal. Chicken Curry, green beans in sauce, a special meatloaf. Served with white rice. Yummy
  2. Pets ~ Part Two

    It's been a while, I've been so busy. We are redecorating the down stairs. New paint, new doors, new frames, all to be painted. Wall papering. so much to do. so little time. Anyway, Mabel has been doing very good. But the scare of her dying was big enough to get me thinking. So.....when we got a call from a good friend saying a neighbor of her had a litter of kittens. Red tabbies, a girl and a boy; I talked hubby into letting me have the little boy. I have a picture of the little tyke. His eyes are just starting to open, but I have no idea how to post them. (can someone do a talk through with me please?). Now to find a suitable name. I thought I had one, only when i googled it to find out the meaning, a lot of businesses came up with the same name. So, that name is a no-no. We will be going up in a few weeks to meet him. I need to know a bit of his character before I can actually name him. I hope to have the redecorating done before he joins our family. I'm sure Mabel will like to have a cat again in the house.
  3. Hello from Iowa

    Welcome to this lovely forum.
  4. What's up in May?

    It's the last day of May and I finally found the time to visit again. We are in the hold of redecorating our living room. Hubby decided we needed new doors (three) and new frames. Replacing metal ones with wooden ones. Which will be lovely once they are installed and painted. Then we have to paint the walls. Then the hallway. That should keep us busy for a few weeks. I'm sorry to read about the troubles others are having. I wish everyone well.
  5. What's for Dinner?

    I had a chicken soup and mini egg rolls.
  6. Book sculptures

    If only old books are used i could be ok with that. They are wonderfully beautiful!!
  7. Winter Song by Ronan Keating because this winter just won't make room for the summer weather.
  8. What's up in May?

    Hello everyone! The weather here is the pits. Dreary, cold, rainy. I hate it. It's time for some summer weather. We all need more than a day at a time. I don't remember winter ever being this long before. The only positive part is that the plants are getting so green so swiftly. Visually, winter has left us. Hubby made some sushi and we invited family to enjoy it with us. It was fun and delish.
  9. What's up in May?

    I have never seen anything like this. It actually looked like the ice was moving-like it was alive! eerie!
  10. Why do you love reading the classics?

    Some of them can be tedious to get through. First one has to get used to the style of writing, then the type of language used. But, if one can get past those two hurdles, you usually find the books interesting and even enthralling. Sometimes I enjoy 'listening' to the classics more than I do reading them. We are now doing The Lady in White with our book club and I will be placing high expectations on it. I hope it holds up.
  11. Pets ~ Part Two

    Since it was cool and finally stopped raining, we decided to go for a walk with Mabel to the sanddunes and woods. Her favorite place. She was so happy to finally be feeling better enough to do this. Us too. She played with a few dogs, her choosing, but couldn't find the normal water puddles. She loves those puddles, and since it rained most of the night we figured there would be a couple. The ground was dry enough to suck it all up I suspose. Mabel is now a very satisfied dog. I love seeing her whole face just 'smile' when she is on one of these walks. She loves the freedom they give. We do too. Isn't it strange how people think that one breed means one type of personality. We choose a labrador because after having a couple of mixed breed shepherds, we wanted a quieter type of dog. Not so nervous. But, I was babysitting a lab before we chose our dog and that particular puppy was just too meek for me. I need a dog with a bit of pit. So, we have Mabel who has a quick mind, a steady character and a feel for fun. She has a scense of humor too! I like that. If she hadn't been too perky all the time, she would have been choosen for the Guide Dogs. Her whole nest had the same perkiness and quick wit.
  12. What's for Dinner?

    I love Beef stew and dumplings! As hubby was cooking, he made pizza and hamburgers to feed my hungry children and their family who were visiting.
  13. Word Association

  14. What's up in May?

    Had a lovely Mother's Day today. Even was able to take my dog for a longer walk to her beloved woods. She is feeling that better. She even played a bit with other dogs. It does my heart good to see her happy again.
  15. What's up in May?

    Aren't Real Life reading clubs great? These forums are also great, but being together all at the same time and discussing such books is always a great feeling. When one is a book lover, naturally. I pity the baby in Summer! LOL!
  16. What's for Dinner?

    Steak, boiled potatoes, carrots and a light gravy.
  17. The last film you saw - 2013

    The Other Boleyn Girl=Very Good
  18. What's up in May?

    Feel better soon P! Today was lovely weather and a holiday so we went to a special outdoor Crafts and Oldtime Trade Market in a town nearby. It was lovely.
  19. Pets ~ Part Two

    Unfortunately, Mabel, being a Labrador will ALWAYS find something to sniff. I have her trained enough that when I say "keep walking" she usually does without sniffing. I do give her her moments with a tree or such so that she can be a DOG. I tried the 'jog' thing today. It worked pretty well. I kept it short and sweet though. I also found a site that suggested Raw Honey instead of the expensive anti acid pills. I've been doing it a few days (1 tablespoon 15 minutes before her food) and it also seems to work. I'm hoping it will be a long-term thing. I really would rather that she get off the meds.
  20. Word Association

    Mother's Day
  21. What Did You Have For Breakfast?

    Sounds like a delish smooth! I had a small bowl of honey oats with milk. Tea with honey.
  22. What's up in May?

    new phones are fun and daunting at the same time. My phone is going on 4 years old and I love it's simplicity. I am not looking forward to haaving to get a new one in the future. So, good luck with your new toy RisingDawn.